How to Find Adoptive Parents in Illinois [Or Any Other State]

How do you find the right adoptive parents for your child? We break down the process in this comprehensive guide.

Everything You Need to Know about Choosing the Right Adoptive Family

You can find an amazing adoptive family for your child, and you can start looking at adoptive family profiles right now.

When you choose adoption, you simply want to give your child a chance at the best life possible. One of the most important parts of giving them a life of love is finding the right adoptive family. Though you may feel stressed at the thought of this, we are here to help.

Once they begin searching for the perfect adoptive family, many prospective birth mothers feel a sense of reassurance and relief. Adoption is a selfless, brave and heroic decision, and finding an adoptive family that can give your child a loving home is a beautiful part of the adoption process. That’s why we created this guide to help you find the right adoptive parents in Illinois for your child.

Continue reading to learn how to find adoptive parents in Illinois.

How to Find Adoptive Parents for My Baby in Illinois

When it comes to looking for families wanting to adopt in Illinois, you’ll need to determine what type of adoptive family you want for your child. For instance, do you imagine your child growing up in the city, the suburbs or the country? Do you picture them with siblings or family pets? Answering these questions can narrow down your search.

After you’ve figured out what types of adoptive families you’re searching for, you can choose an adoption agency.

  • The process of choosing a family may vary depending on what agency you work with.
  • Remember that, as a prospective birth mother, you are always in charge of this decision and can determine all the qualities you want in the adoptive family.
  • But, some agencies will give you a better chance of finding a family you truly believe in.

Also, you’re not limited to choosing a family in Illinois. You can work with a national adoption agency to find a family, so you won’t be limited and have more to choose from. But, you can still choose a family in Illinois if you want to.

Looking through Adoption Profiles Online in Illinois [You Can Find the Perfect Match]

Once you have selected an adoption agency to work with, your adoption professional will show you adoption profiles. Browsing these will give you a better idea of what life with this family would be like, and your adoption professional will take all your preferences into account, which you’ll outline in your adoption plan.

When you stumble upon an adoption profile that you like, your adoption professional can connect you with that family. Though many prospective birth mothers feel nervous at the thought of meeting hopeful adoptive families, you can rest easy that your adoption professional will mediate your first conversation with them. This will help break the ice by dispelling any nerves or tension.

You can continue looking at as many adoption profiles online as you want until you’ve found the perfect fit.

Getting to Know Your Child’s Adoptive Family [Open Adoption with the Adoptive Parents]

After you find adoptive parents that are perfect for your child, you can start to develop a relationship with them. This stage of the adoption journey is known as pre-placement contact, and you can stay in touch with your child’s adoptive family in whatever way you’re comfortable with.

For instance, you can maintain contact through:

  • Phone calls
  • Texts
  • Emails
  • Zoom or Skype
  • Handwritten letters
  • In-person visits
  • Or whatever you feel comfortable with

Some prospective birth mothers feel that they gain new extended family members with their child’s adoptive parents. It’s part of what makes adoption such a beautiful journey. Also, through open adoption, you can forge a lifelong bond with both your child and their adoptive family.

Adoption isn’t “goodbye.” Instead, it is simply “see you later.”

How Does Adoption Screening Work for Families That Want to Adopt in Illinois?

A common fear among prospective birth mothers is that adoption can be unsafe. They worry that placing their baby for adoption could pose a risk if they don’t know the adoptive parents.

But, you can rest assured that adoption is safe because of the thorough adoption screening process that families must undergo. Here is what that typically entails:

  • Completing the home study: One of the most extensive aspects of any adoption screening process is the home study. This is when a social worker visits an adoptive family’s home to ensure that it’s a safe, nurturing environment for a child to grow up in. The social worker will also conduct interviews and background checks for each adult who lives in the home. So, as you browse adoption profiles in Illinois, you can rest easy knowing that every adoptive family is safe for your baby.
  • Being fully committed to adoption: Your adoption professional will ensure that each adoptive family they work with is fully committed to adoption, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Adoption screening guarantees that the adoptive family is excited about parenthood. When you look at adoption profiles online, you can feel each couple’s love for your child.
  • Being open to developing a relationship with you: When you choose an adoptive family, they will be thankful that you have helped them realize their dreams of becoming parents. They’ll be happy to send you updates about how your child is doing, and adoption screening ensures that you will all share a deep love for your child and will do everything to make sure they grow up happy and healthy.

Because of adoption screening, you can find the perfect adoptive parents for your child, whether they live in Illinois or somewhere out of state. It ensures that every family you consider will provide your child with a loving, stable environment.


This can be a lot of information to soak in at once. With that being said, we understand if you have some more questions about adoptive parents in Illinois. You can contact us online today to be connected with an adoption agency that can answer all of your questions.