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Contact With The Adoptive Family

One of the biggest differences between adoption today and adoption prior to the 2000s is the amount of contact expecting mothers may have with adoptive parents.

In the past, adoption as a whole was very much on the “closed” side of the spectrum. It was common for women in your situation to keep their pregnancies and adoption plans secret. They would sometimes travel to another town to deliver, where an adoption agency or the doctor would arrange for an adoptive couple to raise the baby.

This resulted in:

  • The mother receiving no financial support or counseling, and no way of staying on contact with her child.
  • The adoptive parents keeping a secret from the child and not having any updated medical history.
  • The child having a huge void in his or her life, not knowing where his or her biological parents were or why they chose adoption.

Thankfully, those days are over.

As you will read in our supporting articles, modern day adoptions have dramatically shifted toward openness. A pregnant mother can now have as much or as little contact with the parents and her child as she wants, as long as she chooses a family with similar goals. These agreements are made between her and the adoptive family before entering into a match.

Please read our supporting articles to find out more about open adoption, contact between you and the adoptive family, and its various benefits for all parties involved in the adoption.