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Benefits of Open Adoption

We don’t hide the fact that choosing adoption is a very difficult decision. And moving on after this decision is also often a challenge in itself.

However, for the thousands of women who choose adoption every year, many of them do so only because of the promise of having an open adoption. And years after the adoption, many of these women have said that their open relationship has helped them feel better about their decision.

Because of all of the benefits open adoption offers, more and more women are seeking open adoptions. In fact, a recent study showed that only 5 percent of the adoptions from 2010-2012 were closed, and the other 95 percent included some form of openness because the vast majority of pregnant mothers requested an open or semi-open adoption.

So what is it about open adoption that is so beneficial to women considering adoption?

Here are five of the most common benefits of open adoption, some of which are more or less prevalent based on the amount of openness in your relationship:

1. Know Your Child is OK

Most women choose open adoption so they can stay informed about their child’s upbringing and that he or she is safe. Whether these updates come in the form of pictures, emails, phone calls or even visits, they are important in giving these women peace of mind.

2. Know Your Child

Developing a relationship with your child is very possible, should you choose open adoption. Be sure that you make your intentions clear to your adoption professional so they can help you find an adoptive family who is also seeking a similar open relationship.

3. Child Knows His or Her Identity

The more information you give of yourself to your child, the more he or she will know about his birth family’s background. Adopted children in open adoptions will have access to updated medical information and a greater sense of who they are and where they came from.

4. Child Knows His or Her Adoption Story

Prior to modern day open adoptions, adopted children often didn’t know they were adopted until much later in life. This caused an emptiness and a feeling of abandonment in many of these adoptees. Fortunately, open adoption allows these kids to know their adoption stories from an early age, so when they grow up, it is a normal part of their lives.

5. Child Knows You

A child that knows he or she was adopted but doesn’t know his or her birth parents may develop fantasies about them – whether they are overly positive or negative. Open adoption allows adopted children to know the real positives about their birth parents, so they can have a realistic picture of their birth family.

Choosing adoption is never an easy decision, and pursuing an open adoption probably isn’t going to make your decision any easier.

However, as you can see, open adoption does provide a variety of benefits that have shown to help women move on with their lives, knowing their child is doing well and possibly even having a relationship with them.