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Top Six Benefits of Adoption

It’s one thing to research and consider adoption, but it’s another to pursue and commit to an adoption plan.

The women who do take this next step toward adoption do so because they realize all of the benefits adoption provides not just for themselves, but also for their child.

Here is a list of the top six benefits adoption provides pregnant mothers who choose adoption:

1. Provide Life for Your Child

By choosing adoption over abortion, there is no greater benefit than bringing a newborn baby into the world. The wonderful life your child will have, the amazing things he or she will get to experience, the people’s lives whom he or she will affect, and the happiness he or she will enjoy are all immeasurable.

2. Give Hopeful Parents the Ultimate Gift

How many people can honestly say they’ve given another person the most endearing, valuable thing in the world? By adopting your baby to hopeful parents, you are doing just that.

So many people suffer from infertility and want nothing else in the whole world than a little one to call their own. Infertility knows no bounds and can strike anyone, from young newlyweds to couples who’ve been married for over a decade. The commonality between them all is expensive infertility treatments don’t always solve their issue. For most of these couples, they simply can’t afford these treatments, nor can they take the risk. So they turn toward adoption, and toward women like you.

By adopting your baby to an infertile couple, you are a hero who will be cherished by their entire family forever.

3. Move on with Your Life

Everyone has goals, and there are not many things that can stand in our way of achieving those goals if we have that passion to succeed. However, facing an unplanned pregnancy is certainly one of those events that stops everything.

Many women facing unplanned pregnancies want to become mothers – just maybe not this soon. Perhaps they had dreams of raising a family in a two-parent home, finishing school or starting or advancing in a career. By raising this baby, these goals may become unachievable. By aborting this baby, it is often difficult to transition back into school or a job and move on emotionally.

While there is no doubt that choosing adoption is a very difficult decision, and it may be especially tough in the short term, most women who go through with their adoption plan have positive feelings about it. Some women have even pointed at their adoption decisions as a point when they started taking control of their lives and began accomplishing their goals.

4. Be In Charge of the Adoption Process

One of the biggest shifts in adoption from a few decades ago is the power pregnant women possess over the entire adoption.

If you are considering adoption, understand that because this is your baby, this is your adoption plan. You choose the family; you choose whether you will see your child again; you choose whether you will get to know the family before the adoption; you choose all of the goings on at the hospital; and you make the final decision whether to sign the papers for adoption.

5. Receive Financial Help Along the Way

As a pregnant mother, you should be focused on having a healthy pregnancy and not worried about your current financial situation. In today’s adoptions, it is customary for the adoptive family to cover most or all of the expenses of the adoption, including the medical expenses, legal expenses, counseling expenses and more.

Furthermore, you may be eligible to receive living expenses, which are intended to help you pay for things like your rent, car payment, gas, groceries and other bills you may incur during this time.

6. The Benefits of Adoption Never End

As your child grows up and as you continue on with your life, the benefits of adoption continue to be experienced by everyone involved. Every day of your child’s life is another gift that your one decision made possible. And many of the positives that happen in your life from this day forward may also be attributed to your adoption decision.