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5 Questions about Birth Mother Financial Assistance

For many women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy in Arkansas and contemplating their options, one consideration that might weigh heavily on them is the financial cost of each:

Choosing adoption is a brave and generous choice, and it could also be a beneficial choice for you.  In this guide, we will answer your questions about adoption financial aid and the costs that come with an adoption.

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Do you Get Paid to “Give Up” Your Baby for Adoption in Arkansas?

This is a common question from birth mothers and adoptive families alike. And the answer to it is no — birth mothers do not get paid for putting their baby up for adoption. In fact, it could be considered a felony to offer payment for the exchange of a person in Arkansas.

Still, a birth mother will find that many expenses will be covered as she progresses through her pregnancy. Of course, the first considerations are the services that an adoption agency offers. These are free to a prospective birth mother. With the right agency, these include:

Is Putting a Baby Up for Adoption Free in Arkansas?

If finances are a concern during the time of your pregnancy, you may worry that adoption will have some hidden costs or require some financial commitment from you. This is not the case. Adoption is always free for prospective birth mothers.  

Your choice is selfless and generous, and it should not strain you financially. Rest assured, there are no costs to “giving your baby up” for adoption in Arkansas.

Additionally, many birth mothers who “give up” their baby for adoption qualify for adoption financial assistance that can cover costs associated with their pregnancy. When you are working with the right agency, you will have adoption specialists on your side, working hard to make sure that your needs are taken care of and that your adoption process goes as smoothly as possible.

Some agencies you may want to reach out to in Arkansas are:

Do Adoption Agencies Pay Birth Mothers in Arkansas?

You are not alone in wondering, “Are there adoption agencies that pay you?” The belief that mothers are paid by agencies is a common misconception about how the adoption process works

The simple answer to this question is no. It is illegal for anyone – individual or institution – to give direct compensation to a birth mother. This is the case in Arkansas and in the rest of the county, so if you are led to believe otherwise by an adoption professional, you will want to find another professional to work with. This is a clue that this person is not to be trusted.  

Do You Get Money from Adoption Agencies in Arkansas?

While adoption agencies and adoptive parents are prohibited from paying you directly for putting your baby up for adoption, adoption agencies do often provide adoption financial assistance to prospective birth mothers, and sometimes even offer scholarships.

Trusted Arkansas adoption agencies (like the ones listed above) offer financial assistance for adoption when it comes to “Incidental costs for prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care…including reasonable housing costs, food, clothing, general maintenance, and medical expenses if they are reimbursements for expenses incurred or fees for services rendered,” according to the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Do You Get Money from Adoptive Families in Arkansas?

The support you receive sometimes depends on the budget of an adoptive family, but every family is prepared to cover the cost of some adoption financial assistance. The family’s budget and your needs will be a part of the matching process early on in your adoption. This means that if you need a certain type of assistance, your adoption specialist will help you to make this possible.

Supports that could qualify under Arkansas law are the following:

Medical Expenses

Pre-natal visits, prescriptions, and labor and delivery costs are no small financial burden. Birth mothers will not have to shoulder this burden in Arkansas. Medical costs associated with the pregnancy will be covered by the budgeted adoption financial assistance, along with any medical costs that your baby accrues.


Rent can sometimes be covered, depending on a birth mother’s situation. For some, there are circumstances that make it difficult for her to stay safely housed during her pregnancy. In situations like these, the agency or adoptive parents may be able to assist you.


A woman’s diet during her pregnancy is essential to both her well-being and the baby’s. It can impact the outcome of her pregnancy and the birth of the child too. The assistance that ensures that a birth mother can feed herself properly is an appropriate way to give adoption financial assistance.

Legal Fees

While expenses associated with adoption are unavoidable, the birth mother will not be responsible for them. When a mother places a baby up for adoption, the legal counsel she receives, and the court costs associated with the adoption will not be charged to her. They are paid for by the adoptive parents and the adoption agency.

For more information about the type of financial assistance for adoption that is permissible in Arkansas, you can contact us to be connected with a helpful adoption professional today.

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