Finding Adoptive Parents

How Do I Find Parents to Adopt My Child?

Your search begins with, “I’m looking for parents to adopt my baby,” and ends with, “These are the perfect parents for my child.” We’ll help you get there. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find adoptive parents, where to find waiting family profiles, what to look for in parents looking to adopt a newborn and more.

Need to learn how to find a family that’s right for your child? Get free information from an adoption professional now, or start here to find a family to adopt your baby:

Step 1: Think About Your Ideal Adoption Situation and Ideal Family

First, take some time to picture what the ideal adoption situation might look like for you. Your version of an ideal adoption situation and family will be unique — every person who is placing a child for adoption will have their own preferences and considerations when finding a family, so there are no right or wrong answers. Ask yourself:

Then, try to picture the family you want your child to grow up in:

It’s OK if you’re not sure about all the details just yet — an adoption professional can help you figure out what’s most important to you, and help you to establish an adoption plan that feels right. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for in an adoptive family for your baby, it’s time to find that family.

Finding a family is easier than you might think.

Step 2: Contact an Adoption Agency

Now, you’ll want to call an adoption agency and let them know, “I am looking for a family to adopt my baby.” Here’s why this is the best course of action if you’re searching for people looking to adopt a baby:

When you contact that agency, you’ll describe what you’re looking for in an adoptive family, and then they’ll show you profiles of waiting families who match that description. But adoption agencies do more than just that.

They also get you access to important free services like:

Another important thing that adoption agencies do: They screen all the adoptive families, so you know your child will be placed into a family that is verified as safe and prepared. This is why it’s so important that you always work with an agency to find an adoptive family for your child instead of finding an adoptive parent on your own via social media.

You can even view waiting families online here. If you see a family you like, you can request more information about them.

Don’t see “The Ones” in the list of waiting parent profiles? Don’t worry — the adoption agency will help you find adoptive parents who match what you’re looking for, even if you don’t see the perfect profile listed online.

Step 3: Choose the Family and Get to Know Them

Many birth parents who placed a child for adoption say that they knew they’d found their child’s future parents when they had a good gut feeling about an online adoption profile. So, when looking for adoptive parents for your baby, listen to your gut! The right family for your baby is out there.

But, to be certain that you’ve found “The Ones” for your baby, you have the opportunity to get to know the adoptive family you’ve chosen. Your adoption agency will be there to help you communicate with the family in whatever way makes you the most comfortable.

Once you’ve selected an adoptive family through your adoption agency, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to them, ask questions and get to know them a little better. The amount of contact you have with the adoptive family is entirely up to you. Just know that it’s always available.

Many birth and adoptive parents form lifelong friendships that feel like extended family. So, as you search for parents looking to adopt a child, you’ll hopefully find a family with whom you can share a lifelong bond.

FAQ About Finding Adoptive Parents for Your Baby

At this point, we know you still have some questions about finding an adoptive family for your baby. We’re here to help.

Below, you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions from pregnant women who are looking for adoptive parents, and the answers to those questions:

“How quickly can I find a family for my baby?”

Although you can be matched with an adoptive family almost immediately if you’re looking for someone to adopt your child as quickly as possible, we recommend taking your time and making sure you feel right about the adoptive family. If you’re certain that a family is the right fit for your baby, however, you can move forward with the match as quickly as you want.

“What’s the best way to find adoptive parents if I need to place my baby for adoption?”

By contacting a licensed adoption agency. They’ll connect you to pre-screened parents waiting to adopt.

“Can I choose who adopts my baby?”

Absolutely. As a parent who is choosing adoption, it is always your right to select the waiting adoptive parents you feel are right. And, you can continue to stay in touch long after the adoption by choosing an open adoption. Learn more about open adoption here.

“Who wants to adopt my baby?”

If you’ve never had a personal experience with adoption, you may be wondering about the types of people who adopt. The parents looking to adopt a baby are interested in adopting for different reasons, and they’re of all different ages, races, religions and background. No matter what you’re looking for in families waiting to adopt, there is a family out there that is right for your child.

“Once I find a family to adopt my baby, what should I do next?”

You’ll need to contact an adoption professional to handle the legal process. They’ll walk you through the adoption process, step-by-step.

“Where can I find a family who shares my spiritual beliefs?”

Right here. Use the filter tool to choose religious preferences, and it’ll show you profiles of waiting families within that religion.

“How can I find adoptive parents of a specific racial background?”

We know that race is an important part of a person’s identity, and it may be important for you that your child be raised by a family with similar racial heritage. Using the same online filter tool, you can specify the preferred race(s) of your child’s future parents.

“Where can I find couples looking to adopt a baby with special needs or health issues?”

There are some adoption agencies that specialize in people looking to adopt kids with special needs. You can always still choose adoption for your child if that’s what you feel is best, even if he or she has special developmental or medical needs.

“How do I find an adoptive family for my baby if I think my child has been exposed to alcohol, drugs or harmful substances?”

When couples looking to adopt a child first sign on with an adoption agency, they’re asked what types of in-utero drug exposure they’d be comfortable with. Even if your unborn baby has been exposed to harmful substances, you can still choose adoption.

If you’ve smoked or consumed drugs or alcohol during your pregnancy, please always be honest about this with your adoption professional — you won’t get in trouble. That information is important for the health of your baby, and for finding parents waiting to adopt children with that type of substance exposure.

“I’m not sure how to find someone local to adopt my baby — should I try word of mouth?”

You can, yes. Just make sure that the adoptive family has been properly screened by an adoption professional. But, it’s generally faster to partner with a national adoption agency. You’ll increase your chances of locating couples looking to adopt a baby in your city or state that way.

“Are there families waiting to adopt?”

Always. Many families wait months or even years for the opportunity to raise a child like yours. Meet the families waiting to adopt a child here.

“Is there still time to find someone to adopt my baby even if I’m about to give birth?”

Yes. There is always still time to find parents who want to adopt your baby. Call an adoption agency right now.

“Can I find an adoptive family for my baby online?”

Yes. Finding a family online through a database of waiting adoptive parent profiles is a common (and safe) way to find couples looking to adopt newborns. Search for families waiting for adoption here.

“Is finding a family online free?”

Yes. You can find adoptive parents online here. All of the waiting adoptive family profiles featured on this website have been screened and verified as safe and prepared for a baby.

“Should birth mothers find adoptive parents through social media?”

It’s not recommended that you search for couples looking to adopt on social media, no. Why? Because those families looking to adopt a baby may not have been properly screened, and so you can’t be sure that they’re safe. For your safety, and for your child’s, it’s always best to go through a licensed adoption agency when looking for couples waiting to adopt.

“What’s the best website to find a family?”

This is a good place to start. When looking at adoption profiles online, always make sure it’s through a reputable licensed adoption agency!

“Are there certain traits to look for in adoptive parents?”

Every pregnant woman will be looking for something different in her baby’s future parents. You decide what to look for in an adoptive family — whether that’s looking for parents who want to adopt who are of a certain race, religion, or age, or just families looking to adopt who you have a good gut feeling about.

“When looking for someone to adopt my baby, should I be looking for the family who is best able to financially support my child?”

Every couple waiting to adopt has been verified as financially prepared to welcome a child. So, although adoptive families aren’t always “rich,” they are always financially stable enough to ensure security and comfort for your child.

“I have some more questions about how to find a family to adopt my baby, and questions about adoptive families in general. Where should I start?”

We have some more detailed guides about parents waiting to adopt children that you can explore here. Or, you can reach out to an adoption professional now to ask questions and get information.

“I’m still not sure how to find an adoptive family for my baby. Where should I start?”

If you still have questions about the adoption process, or about how to find families looking to adopt a child, contact a licensed adoption agency now. It’s free, confidential and available 24/7.

“Where can I start viewing profiles of couples looking to adopt?”

Right here. All of the waiting families listed on that website have been screened and verified as safe and ready to adopt. If you see a family you have a good gut feeling about, all you have to do is call the adoption agency.

We know that finding adoptive parents for your baby is one of the hardest and most important choices you’ve ever faced. But, you’re not alone. Your baby’s future family is out there, waiting for you to change their lives. Find them now by contacting an adoption agency.

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