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Adoption Agencies for Pregnant Women [Complete Guide]

Because adoption is such a life-changing decision, you want to ensure you have the best resources by your side. But how do you truly know what those resources may be, or where to find them? If you are looking for an adoption agency to “give your baby up” for adoption, it’s likely these may be just some many different questions you are facing.

You may have a general understanding of what an adoption agency is but may not understand how they can help during your specific situation, or what you need to look for to find the best adoption agencies birth mothers can trust.

We understand this can seem like an overwhelming task and are here to help.

The adoption process can be a lot to handle, both physically and emotionally. Professionals from adoption agencies make sure your adoption is never something you have to experience alone. This guide will explore the ins and outs of adoption agencies for birth mothers and women considering adoption, as well as how they can benefit you during and after your pregnancy.

Continue reading this guide to find important information you need to get on the right track toward finding the best agency for your adoption.

What are Adoption Agencies for Pregnant Women?

Finding the right adoption agency is an important step in the adoption process, as the agency you choose will ultimately impact the entire adoption experience. But before you choose an agency, it’s best you have a complete understanding of what an adoption agency is and can do.

Adoption agencies are licensed organizations, made up of professionals who specialize in working with prospective birth parents to help them place their child for adoption. The goal of the agency staff is to assist you in meeting all of the needs and requirements throughout an adoption. To put it simply, for prospective birth mothers, adoption agencies are safe places to put a child up for adoption.

When working with an adoption agency, as the prospective birth mother, you are in complete control of the decisions made throughout the adoption process. One of the decisions you will have when choosing an agency is your preference to work with a local or national adoption agency. Although both types of agencies will provide similar services, there are pros and cons to either.

Ultimately, it is a personal preference on which type of agency you think best meets the needs of your adoption.

National Adoption Agency

National adoption agencies are licensed organizations that provide a full range of services to women across the United States. These agencies are often considered to be some of the best agencies for information about options for unplanned pregnancy and adoption services, given their broader knowledge of the adoption process across different states, generally larger index of resources and employees and ability to provide a full range of adoptive services.

Pros: Full-service, larger number of adoptive families to choose from, larger staff that can offer 24/7 support, more stability, able to help you regardless of where you live, etc.

Cons: May be located in a different city or state, larger staff and more clients make it potentially less personal.

Local Adoption Agency

Local adoption agencies are licensed organizations that specialize in assisting adoptive families and prospective birth mothers in adoption. These agencies focus on their local or regional area and may be experts on their city and state laws involved with the adoption process. Local agencies provide many of the same services that national adoption agencies do, but on a smaller scale.

Pros: Knowledge of your area, personal feeling with face-to-face meetings being more likely.

Cons: Smaller area means less exposure to adoptive families, fewer services (like support limited to business hours),less resources may require the use of outside services.

This is an overview of local and national adoption agencies and the pros and cons they offer. To get a better understanding of each, contact an adoption professional for more information. The choice to work with a local or national agency will depend on your personal preference. A large influence in your decision should be the services the agency is able to offer.

Keep reading to learn more about the services you should look for when researching agencies considered to be the best places to put your child up for adoption.

Services Adoption Agencies for Pregnant Women Provide

Adoption can be a very emotional and stressful process. Agencies are here to help reduce the stressors and guide you toward a successful adoption, so you can focus on having a happy, healthy pregnancy. In order to achieve this, agencies must be able to meet your needs and provide the best service possible.

But what services should be provided?

Each adoption situation is unique, and the services you may prefer will be different from another prospective birth mother’s preferences. However, there are standard services that you should look for when choosing an agency. These services include:

These are just some of the basic services you should look for when researching adoption agencies. Depending on the type of agency that you decide to work with, some pregnant adoption agencies will be able to provide more services than others.

How Much do Adoption Agencies for Pregnant Women Cost?

Oftentimes, the financial strain of raising a child plays a large role in women deciding adoption is best for them and their baby. During pregnancy, medical bills and delivery costs can add up quickly. Because of this, adoption does not cost anything for potential birth mothers. Adoption agencies make sure you have the medical treatment you and your baby need, the legal representation and the necessities of everyday life, to allow you to focus on your pregnancy.

It is not out of the question to find an adoption agency that helps with bills or an adoption agency that helps with housing. Depending upon your specific situation and needs, agencies will be able to provide financial assistance to help you avoid any financial burden or hardships during your pregnancy. These living expenses have to be approved by the court system and are determined by state laws, meaning your agency does not control how much assistance you are eligible for. They will do their best to make sure you are receiving any financial assistance you are eligible for, and that you are receiving it in a timely manner. Typically, living expenses help cover things like:

An unplanned pregnancy is already a lot to handle. The last thing you need is to add financial stress. To learn more about financial assistance and how it applies to your adoption situation, speak with an adoption professional to learn more.

Agencies for Putting a Baby up for Adoption After Birth

Life is constantly changing, which can make it hard to predict what will happen one day to the next. Because of this, and for various other reasons, situations arise where not every woman makes an adoption plan as soon as she finds out she is pregnant. In some cases, a woman may decide adoption is best for her baby after her child has been born. But are there adoption agencies that accept infants after birth?

Yes, there are agencies for putting a baby up for adoption after birth.  The process for these adoptions will be very similar to infant adoptions, only the timeline will be much more condensed.

Although it is less common, as most adoption agencies work with infants, private adoption agencies also have the ability to work with older babies and toddlers. Technically, there is no official maximum age that a child can be adopted, so you will always have the option of placing your child for adoption. Depending on his or her age, these adoptions may be harder to place, and finding older child adoption agencies can sometimes be a challenge. Speak with an adoption professional to discuss your situation. A specialist will be able to answer any questions you may have, as well as provide you unbiased guidance and opinions on what would be best for you and your baby.

Finding the Best Adoption Agency to “Give Up” a Child

As this guide has portrayed, working with an agency can help take away much of the stress involved in the adoption process, while also keeping you on track toward a successful adoption. Finding the right agency will have an impact on every step of your adoption. If you have made the decision that adoption is best for your baby, you may be saying to yourself, “I want to place my child for adoption. What are some adoption agency websites?”

Researching agencies through their websites can be a useful tool to find the best agency for your needs. Not only will you find basic information such as the services a specific agency offers, you will also find contact information to speak with a professional who can give you a better glimpse into the overall experience the agency can provide.

Here are a few national agencies to consider while researching:

If you’re hoping to find a local adoption agency, here is a list organized by state of some of the most trusted local adoption agencies.

Considering adoption is such a brave and selfless choice. It shows how much you truly love and care for your child. Although finding the right agency can seem like a difficult task, it is well worth the effort in the long run. Finding an agency that put yours needs first and can relate to your unique situation.

Adoption professionals are always available to provide unbiased help and guidance, no matter where you are at in your decision-making process.

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