What Is Adoption?

How Adoption Works

If you are considering placing your baby for adoption but are confused about exactly how the adoption process works, you’re not alone. The adoption process can seem complicated and confusing when you’re just starting out — especially because there is so much misinformation out there about what it really means to “give a baby up” for adoption.

The information below is here to set the record straight — and to give you the information you need about how to place a baby for adoption. Here’s the truth: Adoption isn’t “giving up” or “giving away” your baby at all. Placing a baby for adoption is one of the bravest, most loving and selfless decisions a woman can ever make. Today, adoption empowers prospective birth mothers and puts them in charge of the process. And, if you choose adoption for your baby, you’ll have free support and services every step of the way, so you don’t have to worry about navigating the process on your own.

Ready to get started? Have more questions about how adoption works? You can get in touch with a professional at any time for the answers you need.

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