Father of the Baby: Adoption in Different Situations

Men Dealing with Unplanned Pregnancy [FAQ]

Adoption can be confusing. There’s so much to learn, and it’s not like this is something you’ve been taught before.

If you’re searching for how to deal with an unplanned pregnancy as a male, and you’ve got a ton of questions about adoption, then you’re not alone. That’s why we created this guide.

We probably can’t answer all of your questions, but we’ll do our best to get all the big ones. If you finish reading and want to learn more, you can always contact us today to be connected with an adoption agency (free of charge).

Common Questions About Adoption

Remember that every adoption process is unique based on your specific situation. While the answers below can give you a better understanding of how this process works, any specific questions about your situation and any legal questions should be discussed with an adoption professional.

She is pregnant, what do I do?

Responding to an unplanned pregnancy is never easy. First, make sure that she is safe and has done what’s necessary to protect her health. With compassion and empathy, work together to plan out the next steps. If you both support the idea of adoption, then the next thing to do is reach out to an adoption agency.

If the birth mother puts a child up for adoption does the birth father have to pay any money?

Adoption is always free to prospective birth parents. There are not costs associated with the process. It’s understood that many prospective birth parents consider adoption due to financial pressure, which is why the process never adds any additional financial pressure to the situation.

Will I ever see my child again if I place them for adoption?

Most adoptions today are at least semi-open, which means that placement is not goodbye. The prospective birth parents can set a level of openness for their adoption when they create the adoption plan. This can range from occasional letters to more frequent in-person visits — whatever you and the mother think is best.

If you give your child up for adoption, how quick does child support stop?

Adoption should never be pursued as an avenue to get around child support payments. While the adoptive family does assume full legal (and financial) responsibility for the child at placement, this does not necessarily cancel out outstanding debt from child support or other court-ordered payments.

If you have more specific questions about if someone else adopts your child do you still have to pay child support, then you should speak with an attorney.

How does choosing the adoptive family work?

When a prospective birth parent chooses adoption, they get to choose the adoptive family they believe will be best for their baby. Working with an adoption agency, the prospective birth parents can outline the type of family they’re looking for. You can decide what matters most — maybe it’s the family’s faith, or their views on education, or whether or not there will be other kids.

Then, the adoption agency will present the prospective birth parents with adoptive family profiles matching this outline. The prospective birth parents can look through as many profiles as they need to until they find the family they think will be perfect.

If you choose adoption for your baby, then you can work with the mother to find the family that will give your baby the life you hope for them.

Do you get paid for adoption?

Men dealing with unplanned pregnancy often feel extreme financial pressure. Many wondering about if a parent gives a child up for adoption do they still have to pay child support, as discussed above. Others wonder about getting paid for adoption.

You may have heard stories about getting paid for adoption, but that is not actually what happens. Payment in exchange for adoption is illegal.

Prospective birth parents are often eligible for adoption financial assistance. This assistance can be directly applied to pregnancy-related expenses and some cost-of-living expenses during the process. Adoption financial assistance can also cover any other fees associated with the process, such as legal fees from an attorney for standard adoption services.

What professionals do we need for an adoption?

The adoption process can be complicated, which is why you need to find the right professional services. The most important professional you’ll work with is an adoption agency.

Agencies are licensed organizations that provide the services required in order to successfully (and legally) complete an adoption. They do things like:

Like we said above, the services of an agency are always free to prospective birth parents. If you’re experiencing an unwanted pregnancy as a father and adoption is the best way forward, then your next step is to contact an adoption agency.

If you’d like to take that step today, you could consider contacting one of the agencies below:

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