man holding up and kissing small child in court

Finding Adoptive Parents

When a woman decides adoption is the best option for her and her baby, the next and perhaps most important step is the “matching process.”

The matching process is when a prospective birth mother works with her social worker to help find the best adoptive family for her situation. This process is when the adoption begins to feel more “real,” as her adoption is transitioning from an idea to an actual plan involving other people.

This process can be exciting, anxious, thrilling and scary all wrapped up into one complicated emotion. However, you will have the support of your social worker and any friends and family with you on this journey. Some of your questions likely include:

  • How can I make sure I find the right adoptive parents for my child?
  • Can I have a relationship with the adoptive parents and my child?
  • What types of people choose to adopt?
  • How do I know the adoptive parents are safe and have my child’s best intentions in mind?
  • How do I know the adoptive parents will keep their promises?

These questions, and many others you may have, are all answered in our supporting articles in this section.