Finding Adoptive Parents

How Do I Find Someone to Adopt a Baby?

Agency Adoption vs. Independent Adoption

Choosing adoption for your child to give them a bright future is brave and selfless. More than anything, you want them to grow up with a loving, devoted family. But, how do you find the right parents?

In this guide, discover the key differences between an agency adoption and independent adoption when you’re looking for someone to “please adopt my baby.”

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Someone Please Adopt My Baby [Where to Find Hopeful Families]

Whether you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or you’re having second thoughts about raising your child, adoption is always an option.

No two adoption stories are exactly alike. So, the help you receive along the way will depend on factors such as:

This life-changing experience has its pros and cons no matter which path you choose, so let’s take a look at the differences between finding a hopeful family with and without an agency.

How Do I Find Someone to Adopt a Baby through an Agency?

To find the right family for your child through an adoption agency, you will contact either a local or national adoption agency.

The type of agency you choose will depend upon your specific needs and goals for your adoption:

National Adoption Agencies

With a national adoption agency, you have access to a pool of hopeful parents ready to adopt from all over the United States. The variety of families can increase your chances of finding the parents that check all your boxes.

In-person contact with the agency could be limited, but, in most cases, they have many more resources and services available than a local adoption agency, including free, 24/7 availability and support.

You can contact a national adoption agency today if you want more information about this type of agency.

Local Adoption Agencies

Given their smaller size, local adoption agencies can offer similar services as a national agency but on a much smaller scale.

They work with families located only in your state or region, which limits the amount of potential families and can make finding the right parents for your child more difficult. But, this proximity may allow for more in-person agency services and in-person contact with the family you choose.

No matter which type of agency you choose to work with, you can expect some general services during your adoption journey, such as:

Your adoption professional will help answer all your questions and guide you through the entire process. Also, your agency might partner with an adoption attorney from your state to perform the legal aspects.

Benefits of an Agency Adoption

When you choose agency adoption, you’re unburdening yourself with the many difficult tasks an independent adoption entails.

Instead, you will have many helpful services at the ready, including the following:

Free Counseling and Education

Adoption can be an emotional yet life-changing experience for everyone involved. But, it doesn’t have to be a journey you go through alone.

Adoption agencies offer counseling and education services to help you through any complex emotions you’re dealing with. Having a specialist from an adoption agency help you navigate these emotions and answer your questions is invaluable.

Assistance in the Matching Process

Working with an agency means you’ll have plenty of help when you’re looking for a family to “please adopt my baby.” Through screening, an adoption agency will work with both you and the potential adoptive family to make sure everyone is ready and comfortable with the plan.

If you pursue adoption without an agency, then it will be up to you to find adoptive parents on your own. That can be through:

Contact Mediation

In addition to educating you about why an open adoption can be the best option for all parties involved, adoption agencies can facilitate contact with the adoptive parents.

When you find the right family for your child, you can build a meaningful relationship with them. It can be challenging if you don’t know how or when to communicate with your child’s adoptive parents. But, this communication is crucial for a healthy, successful open adoption.

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How Do I Find Someone to Adopt a Baby on My Own?

Although it’s fairly uncommon, you can choose adoption without an agency.

Expectant birth parents may choose an independent adoption for several reasons, such as:

If you don’t personally know someone who you want to adopt your child, then an independent adoption can be difficult to navigate alone. But, there are two main steps that are always the same: finding a family and completing the adoption with an attorney.

You may already know a potential parent, such as a relative or close friend. In the case of an independent relative adoption, you will only need an independent adoption lawyer to complete the process.

But, no matter the type of adoption, an attorney must be involved to ensure the adoption is ethically and legally completed according to your state laws. During the independent adoption process, you and the hopeful parents will work directly with a separate independent adoption attorney to complete the process.

The adoptive family should always be responsible for the independent adoption attorney fees, as well.

Agency Adoption vs. Independent Adoption

Whether you choose agency adoption or independent adoption, your decision should depend on your goals for your adoption and how comfortable you are with the idea of navigating the process alone.

The assistance you would receive from an adoption agency would take much of the stress out of the adoption process. But, it also includes involving more people in what can be a personal decision.

If you already know whom you’re going to place your child with, then independent adoption could be the right option. You have to be willing to put in the work and dedicate your time to ensure you’re meeting all the requirements.

No matter which way you’re leaning, you should consider speaking with an adoption professional. They can provide unbiased information and discuss your options for your specific situation, which may help you make a decision.

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