Can You Put a Baby Up for Adoption? [Requirements]

Choosing Adoption at Any Age

The stereotypical image of a woman who chooses adoption is not accurate.

Are you experiencing an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy? If so, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and maybe even scared. Depending on your age and situation in life, you may feel trapped, like adoption isn’t an option for you anymore.

But we’re here with good news: Adoption is always an option in response to unplanned pregnancy, regardless of your age as a prospective birth mother.

Your age might change some things about your adoption process. In this guide, we’ll take a look at adoption decade-by-decade to show how it works, and how you can choose adoption for your baby in your teens, 20s, 30s or 40s.

The Adoption Process

Is putting a baby up for adoption in your 20s different from creating an adoption plan in your 40s? Although it may come as a surprise, the adoption process follows the same big steps regardless of your age.

Of course, your process will have unique twists and turns. Everyone brings their own specific circumstances into their journey. In this way, age can have an impact on the process.

But, you won’t be treated differently or have different requirements because of your age. Whether you are 18, 27, 33 or 42, your adoption process will go something like this:

Step 1: Choose adoption.

You need to be sure that adoption is right for you. In a way, you’re already taking the first step by reading this article. The more you know, the better decision you can make for yourself and your baby.

Step 2: Find an adoption agency.

Adoption agencies provide the required services to successfully and legally complete an adoption placement. When you’re a prospective birth mother, an agency’s services are always free to you.

Step 3: Pick an adoptive family.

Which family do you think will be best for your baby? Looking through adoptive family profiles, you can pick the perfect family for your baby.

Step 4: Prepare for placement.

Taking care of yourself during your pregnancy is important. This includes developing a hospital plan with the help of your agency. Additionally, this is a time to get to know the adoptive parents through pre-placement contact.

Step 5: Complete placement and sign the adoption paperwork.

After giving birth, you will need to complete the adoption paperwork when you are ready. At this time, your baby will be placed in the loving arms of their new adoptive family.

Step 6: Stay connected through open adoption.

Placement isn’t goodbye. When you choose adoption, you can decide on a level of openness. After placement, you can stay connected through open adoption communication.

This is the process that every adoption will follow. But, how might age change other aspects of the process? Let’s take a look at that.

Adoption in Your Teens

Unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming at any point in life, but especially if you are a teenager. You have your whole life ahead of you. This is supposed to be a time to focus on finding your identity, forming friendships and finishing education.

Instead, you’re facing a totally unexpected crisis. Could adoption be the answer?

You can choose adoption as a teenager. The process will still follow the same big steps as above. There may be some differences, but many of the benefits are the same:

Additionally, if you are still in school and experiencing an unwanted pregnancy, there are some adoption agencies with scholarship programs to help fund your education during this challenging time.

Choosing Adoption in Your 20s

Your 20s are the prime of your life. Even though you may be a capable and responsible adult, that doesn’t mean you are ready to become a parent. Adoption could be the right response to an unplanned pregnancy for you.

Women in their 20s choose adoption for many different reasons:

If any of these reasons resonate with you, then putting a baby up for adoption in your 20s could be a good option. In order to start your process, you’ll need to find an adoption agency.

Placing Your Baby at 30

Did you know that many women who are in their 30s, married and already have children choose adoption?

It comes as a surprise to many because of the false stereotypes our culture has created. Women in their 30s can choose adoption; not just young, single women.

Your life will probably look different at this age than a woman who is choosing adoption in her teens or 20s. You’re more mature, and you’ve got more life experience. These are good things, because the adoption process can be challenging. It requires the type of maturity that you have.

Adoption agencies work with women in their 30s who put babies up for adoption all the time. An agency will be able to answer your questions and help you navigate some of the tricky conversations, like telling your other children about adoption if you already have a family.

Additionally, agencies will facilitate adoption financial assistance to cover allowable pregnancy-related expenses, and even some cost-of-living expenses. Financial pressure is a common reason for choosing adoption, and the process is designed to make sure your pregnancy is as easy as possible.

Adoption in Your 40s

When you’re in your 40s, you may feel like you should be able to handle anything life throws at you. But an unplanned pregnancy in your 40s can be just as hard to deal with as any other time in life.

Are you really ready to become a new parent (or become a parent again) at this stage of life? For many women, the answer is a clear no. That’s why putting a baby up for adoption in your 40s can be the right choice.

You may feel like only younger women can choose adoption, but that’s not true. You can put a baby up for adoption in your 40s. An adoption agency can help you get started with the process.

When you choose adoption, you give your baby the opportunity to have a wonderful life. Even though you aren’t ready to become a new parent in your 40s, you can choose the adoptive family that will be best for them. By creating an adoption plan, you’re creating a life of love and opportunity for your baby.

Connect with an Adoption Agency

We’ve mentioned the importance of an adoption agency several times. No matter what age you are, finding the right agency is the most important step you can take to get started with your adoption process.

If you’d like to talk with a national adoption agency today, we’d be happy to make that connection. Contact us today to speak with a specialist at a fully licensed adoption agency. This specialist can answer your questions and help you begin your adoption journey.

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