Finding Adoptive Parents

What Are Adoptive Family Profiles?

Adoptive family profiles are a great way for a woman considering adoption to learn more about a prospective adoptive family. Here is everything there is to know about them:

What is an Adoptive Family Profile?

An adoptive family profile is usually a several-page online or hard copy document that includes a wealth of information and photos of the adoptive family.

After reading a family’s profile, you will likely learn their:

Also, most adoptive family profiles include a heartfelt letter written from the family to women like you, discussing why they are choosing to adopt and how excited they are about a possible relationship with you.

How to Find Adoptive Family Profiles

There are two different ways you may encounter adoptive family profiles:

Browsing Online

As you search online for adoption information, you will likely come across many adoption agencies’ websites that have adoptive family profiles. These profiles can be quickly browsed, and if you happen to come across a family that interests you, you can contact their adoption agency to find out more information about that family.

Receiving Profiles

If you choose to work with an adoption agency, you will work with one of their social workers to create your own adoption plan – a map to achieving your ideal adoption situation and adoptive family. Once your social worker understands the type of adoption situation you are looking for, she or he will provide you with a number of adoptive family profiles (either online or through the mail) who match your adoption plan. This process will continue until you find that perfect family for your situation.

Adoptive Family Video Profiles

The only thing better than reading about an adoptive family is actually seeing and hearing them in their own environment talking to you about their family and their adoption dreams. This is now possible with adoptive family video profiles.

Only a select few adoption agencies offer video profiles to prospective birth mothers.

In these adoption videos, which are often filmed by adoptive families themselves, you will have a much greater idea of what being a member of their family would be like. You can see the parents interact, you can see what their house and neighborhood looks like, you can hear the mother’s laugh or see the father’s passion for adopting a child. All of these things make adoptive family video profiles the newest technology in adoption.

So, whether you’ve been contemplating adoption or have already made your decision, feel free to search around online for national adoption agencies, local adoption agencies and even personal families’ websites to view as many adoptive family profiles as you can. The more families you learn about, the better chance you have of finding the best family for yourself and your child.

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