Finding Adoptive Parents

What Types of People are Looking to Adopt?

There are people of every type who are hoping to welcome a child through adoption. As a pregnant woman placing her child for adoption, you want to choose the adoptive parents you feel are best for your child. Every woman will have her own vision of what that “perfect” family looks like. Do you have a mental image of what your child’s family might be like? Great — below, we’ll help you look for that family; they’re out there waiting to raise and love your baby.

As you look for adoptive parents you feel are perfect for your baby, we know you’ll have considerations based on your unique situation. Whether you’re looking for adoptive parents of a certain race, religion, age or other factors, here are some of the different ways you can search for that specific type of adoptive family for your baby:

Search by Marital Status

One of the most common preferences that a pregnant woman will have is whether or not her baby is adopted by a married couple, an unmarried couple or a single parent. Here are a few types of potential parents for your baby, based on their marital status:


There are always countless single parents looking to adopt. Not everyone has found (or wants to find) a romantic partner, but they dream of becoming a parent. If you feel drawn to finding a single parent for your baby, you can give that person the ability to grow their family and raise a child. Start searching for a single parent for your child here.

Unmarried Couples

A couple doesn’t have to be legally married to share a loving, lifelong commitment to one another, and to their future family. So, some pregnant women are open to choosing couples — not married — who want to adopt. If you’re interested in choosing from couples looking to adopt (without being married), start viewing adoption profiles here.


Most commonly, waiting adoptive parents are married couples looking for children to adopt. Many pregnant women specifically search for a married couple looking to adopt a child because they want to give their baby a loving, two-parent home. Additionally, you can choose from opposite-sex married couples or same-sex married couples.

Same-Sex Couples

As you create an adoption plan for your baby, you may be thinking to yourself, “Looking for a gay couple to adopt my child feels right. Where can I find gay adoption profiles?”

Many women like the idea of giving gay couples looking to adopt the chance to become parents. There are countless gay couples wanting to adopt, so if you’re if you’re thinking, “I want to find a gay couple to adopt my baby,” you’ll have plenty of loving gay parents looking to adopt to choose from.

Same-sex couples are more likely to adopt than any other group in the U.S. Adoption is a meaningful way for them to grow a family full of love. If you’d like to find a gay couple looking to adopt, make sure that you work with an adoption agency that works with a large number of gay couples looking to adopt — some adoption agencies sadly won’t work with LGBT adoptive families.

So, if you’re hoping to find a gay couple to adopt your baby, start here. There, you’ll find profiles of hundreds of waiting parents, including gay parents adopting.

Search by Family Size

Trying to find an adoption profile with older children? Maybe you grew up with lots of siblings and you want your child to experience those meaningful sibling bonds, too. Some women want their baby to be the adoptive parents’ first child, while other women are looking for an adoption profile with older siblings because they want their child to grow up with big brothers or sisters.

Whether you want your child to be the first and oldest, or to have older siblings looking out for them, you can find adoptive families of all sizes here.

Search by Religion

Women placing a baby for adoption often ask, “What is the religion of the adoptive parents?” Adoptive parents of all different religious and spiritual beliefs may seek to grow their families through adoption.

Some pregnant women and adoptive families will choose to work with an adoption agency that only works with people of a certain religion. However, non-denominational adoption agencies welcome birth and adoptive families of all religions, so you’re still going to find waiting parents who match your preferred religion.


Hoping to find Christian couples looking to adopt? There are hundreds of Christian families looking to adopt a child like yours. So, if you’d like your child to be raised as a Christian, specifically looking for Christian adoptive families is a good place to start. Start browsing Christian adoption profiles here.

Jehovah’s Witness

If you’ve set out with an intention like, “I’m looking for a Jehovah’s Witness family to adopt my baby,” then you’ll want to use a large, national database of adoption profiles to find waiting adoptive parents who share your religious beliefs. If you are Jehovah Witness, “giving a baby up” for adoption may feel easier when you know your child can still be raised within your faith by ready and loving parents. Start here to search for Jehovah’s Witness adoptive parents.


Some Catholic-raised pregnant women will specify, “I’m looking for a Catholic couple to adopt my baby.” Catholic organizations used to facilitate adoptions, but they’ve since phased out almost all of these programs. So, if you want your baby to be raised Catholic, you’ll want to start browsing adoption profiles of waiting Catholic families here.


Not sure where to find Muslim couples who want to adopt a baby? Although there aren’t any U.S. adoption agencies specifically for Muslim pregnant women or adoptive parents, you can still find Muslim families looking to adopt by searching this national database of waiting adoptive families.


Looking for Jewish adoptive families? If you’d like to find a Jewish adoptive family for your baby, you can work with a Jewish adoption agency, or you can simply search a , which include Jewish couples who are hoping to adopt.


If you’re looking for a Hindu couple to raise your child, you’ll want to search a national adoptive parent database like this one. Use the search function at the top to find a family who shares your faith, and who are excited to raise your child as a Hindu.


Prefer to place your child into a non-religious adoptive family? With so many religious-based adoption agencies out there, it can feel hard to find a “religious-free” adoption. Families who don’t observe religious practices are just as loving and prepared for a child as any other adoptive parent. You may choose to partner with a non-denominational national adoption agency, or you can simply search for the right waiting parents on an adoption profile database like this one.

Search by Age

You may have preferences regarding the ages of your baby’s future parents. Some women prefer to choose an older couple who has more experience, while others envision a younger, active couple for their baby. The choice is entirely up to you!

Younger Couples

If you’re hoping to find young couples adopting, there are plenty to choose from. There are always countless young couples wanting to adopt, so if you picture your child growing up with a young couple, adoption profiles of younger parents can be found here.

Older Adoptive Parents

Want to give an older couple the chance to become parents? If you want to find an older couple looking to adopt, start with a large adoption profile database like this one. There, you’ll be able to find an older couple who wants to adopt a child just like yours.

Search by Adoptive Parents’ Race(s)

Racial, cultural and ethnic identity is an important part of who we are. Perhaps you want to connect with an adoptive family who shares your racial experiences, or you want your child to grow up in a family of a certain race or ethnicity. There are hundreds of loving adoptive parents of every race waiting to meet someone like you.

Biracial and Interracial Families

Wondering where you can find biracial couples looking to adopt? If you or your baby has a multi-racial heritage, you may be excited to meet biracial families looking to adopt, with one or more biracial parent. There are always biracial couples wanting to adopt, so begin your search here.

Or, maybe you’re interested in viewing adoption profiles of racially mixed adoptive families, with two parents of different races, or parents who are raising children of different races. There are a large number of interracial couples looking to adopt, as well as parents who are raising previously adopted children of different races, so if you’d like to start searching for interracial adoptive families, start here.

Black Adoptive Families

If you’re placing your baby for adoption, and thinking, “I want to give my baby up for adoption, but to a Black family. Where can I find a Black family to adopt my child?” you can start viewing profiles of loving and waiting Black adoptive families here.

Perhaps you or your child is African American, and so you’re hoping to find Black couples wanting to adopt so your child feels supported in their racial identity. Black families adopting Black children can be a way to preserve ties to racial and cultural history, even if you need to place your baby for adoption.

Start searching for an African American adoptive family  by contacting an adoption agency, or start by browsing online profiles of African American couples looking to adopt here. Don’t see the Black adoptive parents you’re envisioning for your child? When you contact an adoption agency, they can connect you to Black families looking to adopt who match what you’re looking for — their adoption profile may not be listed online yet.

White Adoptive Parents

Some women want to place their child into , because their child is also white and they feel it may help their child if they don’t visually “stand out” from their family. There are always plenty of white adoptive parents who are ready to welcome a child of any race. Start viewing white adoptive families here.

Hispanic and Latinx Families

There are always Hispanic families looking to adopt. If you or your child is Latinx or Hispanic, you may feel that placing him or her into a Hispanic family is a way to preserve important racial and cultural ties. So, you can start by browsing profiles of waiting Hispanic adoptive couples here. The perfect Hispanic family for your baby is out there.

Indigenous Adoptive Parents

There are actually specific laws relating to child adoption by Native Americans. These laws seek to preserve Tribal nations’ ties by giving preference to adoptive families within a child’s Nation.

So, if you or your baby is of Native heritage, you may want to see if there are any adoptive families within your Nation. As a birth parent, you always have the right to choose the family you feel is best for your child, and for you, choosing an Indigenous adoptive family to raise your child within his or her own Nation may be the right choice. Start finding Native adoptive families here.

Search by Baby’s Race

We know that your baby’s race may also be a consideration when searching for adoptive parents. Your child’s racial and ethnic heritage is an important part of their identity, and you want to choose adoptive parents who will love and support your child’s race and cultural ties. So, you can search for adoptive families based on the race(s) of children they’re seeking to adopt.

Parents Prepared to Adopt a Black Child

As you create an adoption plan, you may have concerns such as, “I’m giving my Black child up for adoption, and I need to find people or couples looking to adopt a newborn African American baby. Where should I start if I need to find families wanting to adopt Black children?” First, contact an adoption agency. They’ll make sure you have access to support services throughout your pregnancy and adoption process.

You can also start by viewing profiles of families looking to adopt a Black newborn here. Families of every race and ethnicity are open to adopting Black children. Parents who do not share their child’s racial identity are also specifically screened to ensure they can provide a safe, loving home to a child of another race, and a good agency will provide them with education, support and resources to prepare them to successfully adopt and raise a child with Black or African American heritage. There are countless families looking to adopt African American kids, so you’ll be able to find the family you’re envisioning for your baby. Start with this national adoption profile database to find pre-screened and waiting couples looking to adopt a Black child.

Adoptive Parents for a Native American Baby

If you’ve asked, “I’m giving my Native American child up for adoption. Are there families wanting to adopt American Indian children?” then the answer is: Yes, there are always couples looking to adopt a Native American child.

Again, there are special laws that come into effect whenever a Native child is placed for adoption. These laws aim to preserve Tribal ties by placing Indigenous babies into Indigenous families. So, if you’re trying to find families looking to adopt American Indian kids, you’ll need to contact an adoption agency or an adoption attorney for more guidance based on your specific situation.

Parents Looking to Adopt Children with Asian Heritage

For pregnant women who have wondered, “I’m giving my Asian child up for adoption. Are there families looking to adopt an Asian newborn in my area?” the answer is: Yes. There are a large number of families wanting to adopt Asian children. Sometimes those adoptive families have Asian heritage themselves, or they may not have a preference as to their future child’s race.

You can start searching for couples looking to adopt an Asian child through this online database of pre-screened and waiting adoptive parents.  Using that online search function, you can further specify the type of family you envision for your child.

People Looking to Adopt a Hispanic Child

If your child has Hispanic or Latinx heritage, finding families wanting to adopt Hispanic children is one of your first considerations. You want to ensure that your child is welcomed into a family that will embrace and support their racial and cultural ties.

Finding couples looking to adopt a Hispanic child is as easy as contacting an adoption agency. They can connect you with families looking to adopt a Hispanic newborn who will welcome your child’s ethnicity. You can also start by viewing profiles of families looking to adopt Hispanic kids here.

Parents Looking to Adopt White Children

If you’re starting out your search for families wanting to adopt Caucasian children with the question, “I’m giving my white child up for adoption — should I place him or her into a family that looks like them?” then you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of couples looking to adopt a white child, or a child of any race. What matters most is that you feel a family is right for your baby. Start exploring adoption profiles of pre-screened and waiting families of all races here.

Search by Lifestyle

You may be hoping to find parents for your baby that live a certain type of lifestyle. Here are some other considerations that pregnant women have included in their search for the perfect adoptive family:

Financial Status

Sometimes, pregnant women consider adoption because they’re under financial strain, and they’re unable to financially provide for their child. This financial instability may lead some women to ask, “Are there rich couples looking to adopt? I want my child to be well-off and to have things that I can’t give him or her. Where can I find wealthy people willing to adopt my baby?”

While not all adoptive parents are wealthy couples looking to adopt, financial stability is actually a home study requirement for all hopeful adoptive parents. So, there’s no need to search for rich families looking to adopt — all adoptive parents are financially stable enough to support your child, even if they’re not necessarily wealthy parents looking to adopt a newborn.

Sometimes, that same financial instability that a pregnant woman is facing leads her to search for rich parents looking to adopt, because she mistakenly believes that the family can “pay her” in exchange for the baby. Please note that it’s illegal for a person to receive payment in exchange for placing a child for adoption. This is considered child trafficking, and it’s a serious crime.

However, you can still receive financial support if you’re struggling to provide for yourself or your family throughout your pregnancy and adoption process— even if the family you choose for your baby are not wealthy adoptive parents. Wealthy couples who want to adopt a child independently will not be able to directly give you any financial support. For this, you’ll need to contact an adoption agency.


Are you a vegetarian or vegan looking for adoptive families? You’re actually not alone. There have been a number of pregnant women who have expressed interest in finding a vegetarian or vegan couple looking to adopt. No, there aren’t adoption agencies for vegans, but there are waiting adoptive parents (some of whom may be vegan) working with adoption agencies. Reach out to a national adoption agency to see if they’re currently helping any vegan couples to adopt, if dietary choices are something that’s important to you as a prospective birth parent.

No matter what type of family you’re hoping to find for your baby, the right adoptive family is out there! Ready to find them? Contact an adoption agency now and let them know what you’re looking for, or you can start by viewing adoption profiles of pre-screened and waiting parents of every type.

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