Finding Adoptive Parents

What Types of People are Looking to Adopt?

As a woman considering adoption, you have likely envisioned what a typical day in your child’s life might look like if you ultimately decide to pursue an adoption plan: Where does your child live? What does his or her house look like? Does your child have siblings? And perhaps most importantly, who are your child’s adoptive parents?

There are thousands of people right now looking to adopt, so it is up to you and your adoption professional to find the perfect parents for your child.

Adoptive parents truly come from all walks of life:

Doctors, teachers, lawyers, mechanics, athletes, artists, musicians, police officers, military, and stay-at-home moms – they are all looking to grow their families through adoption.

As you can see, there are all types of people looking to adopt, and each of them have their own reasons of why they have turned toward adoption to grow their families, including:

People with Infertility

It is estimated that 1 out of every 8 couples experience infertility.

Undoubtedly, infertility can be very difficult for people to accept, and some spend small fortunes on infertility treatments to try to correct the issue. While some are successful, many are not and unfortunately remain right where they started.

For many of these people, their only chance of having children is through adoption.

It’s important for you to understand that while most people choose adoption because of their infertility, they aren’t “settling” on adoption to reach their dreams of becoming parents. Adoptive parents understand that adoption is simply a substitute for pregnancy – not parenthood.

Part of an adoptive couple’s screening process is to make sure they have moved on from infertility and are excited to adopt a child. Therefore, you can rest assured that any family you work with has put their struggles with infertility behind them and are fully committed to adoption.

People Who Want to Help

While the majority of adoptive families are struggling with infertility, there are some non-infertile adoptive families who are compelled to grow their families through adoption.

These families seek to provide a child a life that perhaps his or her birth mother is unable to provide at that stage in her life.

Because of their philanthropic nature, these families are often interested in an open adoption relationship.

Couples Who Are the Same Sex

Times are indeed changing for the better, and same-sex marriage is now legally recognized across the country. Today, there are thousands of same-sex married couples hoping to become parents and are turning toward women like you.

Some birth mothers specifically want to work with same-sex couples. If this describes you, there are numerous adoption agencies that work with same-sex couples to help them achieve their dream.

People Who Like Raising Kids

Some people were just born to become parents. There are adoptive families who are older and beyond their child-baring years but not beyond their child-parenting years.

They have often already raised children and watched them grow up, get married and perhaps even had kids themselves. These older couples want to experience parenting all over again!

Because of the numerous types of families and reasons of them choosing adoption, you are able to find an adoptive family that is perfect for your situation. It is your job to find the right adoption professional that will help you find the right family.

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