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Open Adoption Pros & Cons [The Complete Guide]

Adoption can be the most amazing thing you ever do. It can also be one of the most challenging. 

Without a doubt, choosing adoption is a brave, difficult and emotional journey. But the promise to have an open adoption and open line of communication with the adoptive parents and your child can make this decision much easier to be at peace with.

Whether you choose an open or semi-open adoption, receiving updates from the adoptive parents can give you confidence in knowing your child is growing up in a safe and loving environment. in this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of  open adoption and how such an arrangement impacts your post-adoption life.

The Benefits of Open Adoption

Anymore, it’s uncommon for birth parents to choose a closed adoption. The lack of communication with and information about the adoptive family can make the emotions of adoption much more difficult to cope with. It can also potentially create identity issues for the child as they get older.

An open adoption, on the other hand, creates an environment of love and support for everyone in the adoption triad. From the birth parents’ perspective, being able to receive updates via phone calls, pictures, social media and potentially in-person visits keeps the connection to the child alive and keeps you engaged in their growth and development.

These are some of the pros of choosing an open adoption:

When it comes to the level of contact you’ll have with the adoptive family, it is up to you and the adoptive parents to decide what types of communication will be used and how often you’ll be in contact. In most cases, an open adoption is an ever-evolving relationship that can change over time.

You may start out with somewhat limited communication, but as time passes and your comfort level increases, the amount of communication may increase. Conversely, one or both of you may decide the communication is too frequent or intrusive. How much contact you wish to have is entirely up to you and can be determined with your adoption professional as you develop your adoption plan.

The Cons of Open Adoption

While an open adoption offers a number of advantages and benefits during and after an adoption, there are some potential disadvantages of open adoption to consider, as well. That level of contact and communication with the adoptive family and child can make coping with the emotions and mourning the adoption much more difficult for some.

The cons of an open adoption really come down to whether or not you want to remain a part of your baby’s life by developing a relationship with the adoptive parents, as well as whether or not you want to keep your adoption to decision private.

Some of the cons of an open adoption can include:

As with any important decision in life, there are open adoption pros and cons to consider. The cons of an open adoption are real and require some thought. However, an open adoption creates an environment that most birth parents truly enjoy after they’ve placed their child for adoption, allowing them to build lifelong relationships with not only the child, but the adoptive parents. The ability to get photos, talk on the phone, share milestones and experience in-person connections make an open adoption very special.

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