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How to Place a Baby for Adoption in Indiana

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed if you’re going through an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy in Indiana. But, there is hope. Giving your baby up for adoption in Indiana can create a better future for yourself and your child.

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In this guide, we aim to help you understand how to go about giving up your baby for adoption in Indiana. The process has five basic steps, which we’re going to teach you all about. Plus, we’ll point you in the right direction when it comes to finding the best adoption agency to work with.

 “Placing” vs. “Giving Up”: What it Means to Choose Adoption in Indiana

Before getting into the process of giving a baby up for adoption in Indiana, you should understand the language and terminology for the adoption process.

Like any other prospective birth mother who has considered adoption, you’ve probably said the phrase, “I want to give my baby up for adoption,” or something along those lines. However, that phrase misses the most important point: nothing about adoption is “giving up.”

Placing a baby for adoption in Indiana is a loving, selfless, and incredibly brave gift a mother can give her baby, as it gives both of them new opportunities. No matter how hard the decision is to make, remember you are doing what may be best for both you and your baby.

When speaking about adoption with others, using phrases that encourage adoption is beneficial for everyone. Instead of saying “give my baby up for adoption,” use more empowering phrases like “I’m placing my baby for adoption” or “I’m putting my baby up for adoption.”

While you have that connection to adoption by choosing this option for yourself, others don’t have that personal connection. Helping them learn positive adoption language can be of great benefit to many. Using the wrong language when talking to others about adoption can be hurtful, even if done unintentionally.

Adoption is a life-changing event for prospective birth mothers, adoptive parents, and the child. It’s important to be respectful when talking about adoption, no matter who you’re talking to.

Throughout this guide, we will use quotation marks around “giving up” when talking about adoption. While positive adoption language is important, we also realize using the phrase “give up a baby for adoption” is more common. By using this phrase in this guide, we can help make our adoption information accessible to more readers.

Putting a Child Up for Adoption in Indiana [5 Steps]

The process for how to “give a baby up” for adoption in Indiana can be detailed and lengthy. Adoption can seem so overwhelming, but knowing about available resources and support can help you navigate how to go about “giving your baby up” for adoption more smoothly.

In Indiana, there are five primary steps to “giving a baby up” for adoption, starting with deciding whether adoption is the right option for you. This guide will walk you through every step and provide helpful resources you might need along your Indiana adoption journey.

Just know that your adoption is not complete until you sign the paperwork to terminate your parental rights and officially place your baby with the prospective adoptive family. This doesn’t happen until after you’ve given birth. You have time to look into all of your options for your unplanned pregnancy.

Outlined below is a general overview of how to “give a baby up” for adoption in Indiana:

Step 1: Deciding if Adoption is the Right Option for You          

“Giving your baby up” for adoption in Indiana is not an easy decision to make, regardless of what you might be facing in your life. Pregnancies bring a lot of emotions and stress, so it can be difficult knowing if you’ve made the right decision to “give your baby up” for adoption. You have more than just yourself to think about; you have your baby to consider.

When you’re thinking about “giving a baby up” for adoption, you may be doing so because of:

It’s important to understand all that comes with adoption – the emotions you’ll have, the impact adoption can have on your life, and even all of the pros and cons of this option. You shouldn’t make a decision like “giving your baby up” for adoption lightly or without taking the time to research.

“Giving a baby up” for adoption in Indiana is a completely loving and selfless decision a mother can make for her child. When you’re going through something like this, you should feel supported and encouraged for making such a brave decision for you and your child.

There are people and organizations that will support you through every step of your adoption decision in Indiana. They can help you better understand all that “giving a baby up” for adoption involves and give you the information you need to decide if it’s the right option for you.

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Step 2: Creating Your Adoption Plan

After you’ve decided to “give your baby up” for adoption in Indiana, you’ll want to take the time to find an adoption agency to work with. Your agency is your most important partner during the process. They will provide support, guidance, and encouragement while ensuring you have a successful adoption. Some agencies to consider are:

You’ll be partnered with an adoption specialist, who will work with you throughout your pregnancy and adoption to create your adoption plan.

Because “giving your baby up” for adoption was your choice, the adoption plan is a detailed guide for how you want your Indiana adoption process to go. Every decision made on your adoption plan will be yours to make, all with the guidance and direction from your adoption specialist.

When creating your adoption plan, you’ll be making decisions based on what you want, including:

It can be helpful to many prospective birth mothers to create the adoption plan early on in the Indiana adoption process. Doing so allows there to be time to have more conversations with your adoption specialist if you have any questions or concerns.

You also reserve the right to change your mind on anything in your adoption. You’re choosing to “give your baby up” for adoption, so you can make any modifications you want to your adoption plan. Whatever you choose in your adoption plan, the adoptive family and adoption specialist have to respect your wishes, as you have the final say.

Step 3: Choosing the Adoptive Parents

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make while creating your Indiana adoption plan is choosing the adoptive family that will raise your baby. During this part of the process of “giving your baby up” for adoption, you’ll work with your adoption specialist to determine what kind of family you’re looking for. Your adoption specialist will present you with adoptive family profiles for you to review of families that meet your preferences.

The type of adoption agency you work with when “giving your baby up” for adoption in Indiana will determine the number of profiles of adoptive families available for you to review. You will have more options for family profiles by working with a larger, national adoption agency, whereas smaller, local agencies may only have a few profiles available to you at that time.

During this step of your Indiana adoption, you have the opportunity to meet the family before your baby’s birth.

You also have the right to change the prospective adoptive family before the birth. It is solely your choice of “giving your baby up” for adoption, so you have the right to change your mind about anything during your Indiana adoption process.

Step 4: Creating Your Birth Plan [Preparing for the Big Day]

Part of your adoption plan includes creating your hospital plan, which covers your preferences for your hospital delivery and experience.

Having your hospital plan in place can help ease the emotions you’ll face as you get closer to the day of your delivery. It can also help you feel more prepared as you move forward in your adoption process. There are a lot of decisions involved with “giving your baby up” for adoption in Indiana, so having time to focus on some of the more difficult decisions by having your hospital plan prepared early on can be of great comfort.

When you’re working with your adoption specialist to prepare your hospital plan, there are many aspects to consider, including:

In Indiana, adoption law requires you to consent to the adoption, which legally allows your baby to be placed with the adoptive family. According to this law, you can consent to the adoption any time after birth, but you may not consent to the adoption before your child is born. You will work with an adoption attorney to make sure you are represented legally and ethically during the consent process. Your consent must also be performed in or witnessed by any of the following:

Your adoption specialist and attorney will work to obtain all necessary consents, including the birth father’s, as it may or may not be needed in Indiana. Birth fathers can consent to the adoption before birth if:

This might sound confusing and overwhelming — but don’t worry. The point of working with a good adoption agency is to have someone else take care of all of this. Your specialist will make sure that everything happens according to state law, so you can focus on yourself.

Step 5: Adjusting to Life after Placement

Adjusting to life after placement can be challenging for birth mothers. Confusing emotions can be prevalent after “giving a baby up” for adoption in Indiana. On the one hand, there is grief over making such a challenging decision. On the other, there is hope in knowing your child is with an amazing, loving family.

You can find the strength to overcome this difficult transition and move into a better future — especially with the help of an adoption agency.

You can choose to have contact and communication with your child and the adoptive family through open adoption or semi-open adoption, depending on how comfortable you are with sharing your personal information and being a part of your child’s life.

You can work with your adoption specialist and the adoptive family to determine the best type of communication, including:

Many women find comfort and healing through open adoption or semi-open adoption, knowing they will still get to watch their child grow up. However, there are birth parents who find healing through closed adoption, as this type of adoption allows for full privacy and some closure to help them move on in life.

However, you decide to have a relationship with your child’s adoptive family is completely up to you and how comfortable you are and will be long-term. “Giving a baby up” for adoption is not an easy decision, so knowing that you can still be a part of your child’s life as they grow and experience the world can help bring some peace of mind.

Make sure you know what each type of adoption relationship involves, and talk with your adoption specialist about any questions you might have.

Taking Your Next Steps

When you’re thinking “Should I give my baby up for adoption?” remember there are many aspects and details to consider in the Indiana adoption process. Choosing adoption for your baby can provide comfort in knowing you are making a selfless and loving decision for your baby and that you only want the best for them.

The right support is available for you, regardless of what decision you make for you and your baby. Always do your research and talk with adoption professionals before making your decision, as you don’t want to live your life with any regrets.

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