Adoption in Louisiana

3 Questions About Choosing an Adoptive Family in Louisiana

You can choose an adoptive family for your child who will love, cherish and protect them for their entire life. But, how does this actually work?

This decision is one made from a place of deep love and with an interest in the quality of your child’s life. Because of this, you might be asking the following questions:

These are all important questions, and you are right to ask them. Finding that perfect adoptive family is one of the most important steps in your adoption journey, and this guide will answer these most pressing questions.

There are families in Louisiana and across the country waiting for the opportunity to adopt. If you want to start this process today, reach out to an adoption professional

Do I Get to Choose the Adoptive Family for My Child in Louisiana?

Yes, you are at the center of this process and get to select the adoptive family for your child. You will work with an adoption specialist to create an adoption plan that lists the kinds of lifestyle and qualities you want in an adoptive family for your baby. Your needs will determine the family profiles they recommend to you to make your choice.

This single decision will impact the kind of life and opportunities that your child will be given. Some considerations you will want to make are:

You are offering the adoptive family who you choose an invaluable gift, and it is important that your needs and desires for your baby are honored and respected throughout the adoption process.

Where Can I Find Families Wanting to Adopt in Louisiana?

There are countless families wanting to adopt in Louisiana, but remember that you are not limited to choosing an adoptive couple in Louisiana. When you expand your search for adoptive parents by working with a national agency, you will have the chance to review dozens — if not hundreds – of profiles. This, of course, will increase the chance that you will find that family that matches your needs and feels right to you.

We have partnered with a national agency to host profiles on our site, so you can click here to begin looking at adoptive family profiles now.

How do I Find Adoptive Parents for My Baby Who I Feel Comfortable With?

Whether you work with a local adoption agency that will offer you a handful of family profiles to consider or a national agency that works with hundreds of families at a time, you will work with an adoption specialist who will help you find a family you truly believe in.

The steps they will guide you through are as follows:

  1. Create an Adoption Plan. While you outline your needs and preferences for a family in your adoption plan, adoptive families answer Adoption Preference Questionnaires that detail their adoption preferences. Your adoption specialist will use these two documents to suggest hopeful adoptive families to you. You can then view family profiles of prospective adoptive parents.
  2. Review Adoption Profiles. Some agencies will give you access to video profiles, while others will have print profiles. You will take your time familiarizing yourself with the families until one sticks out to you and you are ready to make an initial contact with them.
  3. Find Adoptive Parents for My Baby. Your first communication with the adoptive family is usually a mediated phone call where you will have the chance to get a feel for them and ask some questions. From there, you can continue with phone conversations, text/email, or even meet in person. If at any point before you sign the final adoption paperwork, you have a change of heart, you can select a different adoptive family.

How Can I Access Family Profiles in Louisiana?

You have adoption opportunities available to you, and you can begin browsing from a national database now. Sometimes starting the search early will help you to articulate the kind of qualities that are important to you in a family. Or, if you are still considering your unplanned pregnancy options, reviewing the family profiles might reassure you that there are all sorts of families wanting to adopt, and one that is right for your baby.

Additionally, you can often find a page on adoption agency websites that advertises families wanting to adopt. You can go straight to the websites of licensed agencies to view video profiles or print profiles.

If you are looking for an adoption professional to help you through the process of finding a family for your baby, contact us today.

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