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Do You Get Paid to Put Your Baby Up For Adoption in Louisiana?

A common question asked by prospective birth mothers is, “Can I get paid for adoption in Louisiana?”

The short answer is – no, you cannot get paid, but there is no cost for giving up a baby for adoption. Additionally, there is adoption financial assistance available to most prospective birth mothers.  

Unplanned pregnancy options in Louisiana have costs associated with them that, for many women, are prohibitive.  

Choosing adoption is an incredibly selfless and brave choice, and it could also be beneficial to you. In this guide, you will find the answers to your questions about adoption financial aid and what you can expect when you choose adoption.

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Do you Get Paid to “Give Up” Your Baby for Adoption in Louisiana?

No, you do not get paid to give your baby up for adoption in Louisiana.

However, you can have many expenses covered as you progress through your pregnancy. Partnering with an adoption agency is free, and the services they provide will not cost you anything. With the right agency, these include:

Is Putting a Baby Up for Adoption Free in Louisiana?

Yes. Any cost of putting your baby up for adoption is not for you to cover. The expenses will be taken care of by the adoptive parents and adoption agency. There are no hidden costs, and you will have no financial commitment when you choose to place your baby in an adoptive home.

Your choice is selfless and generous, and it should not strain you financially. Rest assured, there are no costs to “giving your baby up” for adoption in Louisiana.

Depending on your situation, you may qualify for adoption financial assistance that can cover pregnancy-related expenses. When you are working with the right agency, adoption specialists will work hard to help you provide you with what you need and ensure that your adoption process goes smoothly.

Some agencies you may want to reach out to in Louisiana are:

Do Adoption Agencies Pay Birth Mothers in Louisiana?

This, too, is a common question. If you have wondered, “Are there adoption agencies that pay you?” you are not alone. This is a common misconception about the way the adoption process works.  

Adoption agencies do not pay birth mothers for the same reason that hopeful adoptive families cannot pay birth mothers. It is illegal to give direct compensation to someone in exchange for another person. If an adoption professional insinuates otherwise, this is a red flag to find another professional to work with. The law is clear – payment cannot be given for the transfer of parental rights.

Do You Get Money from Adoptive Families in Louisiana?

You will never be paid directly from a family when you decide to place a child for adoption, but every family is prepared to cover the cost of some adoption financial assistance. The family’s budget and your needs will be considered early in the adoption process, and your adoption specialist will work to make sure that the assistance you need is available.  

Do You Get Money from Adoption Agencies in Louisiana?

You cannot receive direct payments from the adoption agency for placing a child for adoption, and no assistance can depend upon the relinquishment of the child or the consent to the adoption. Still, there are many pregnancy-related expenses that are allowable by Louisiana law.

Supports that you could qualify for are:

Medical Expenses

All medical expenses will be covered. Whether you are worried about the costs of prenatal appointments, ultrasounds, prescriptions, or hospital costs, there is no need to be concerned. Birth mothers will not have to pay for these medical services or any reasonable mental health expenses. These will be covered — along with any of your baby’s health expenses – with financial assistance for adoption.

Legal Representation

You will not be responsible for any legal costs associated with the adoption of your baby. This is an expense that will be covered by the adoptive family, and any legal advice that you may need will be provided by your adoption agency.


For the duration of your pregnancy and for no more than 45 days after the birth of your baby, it is allowable in Louisiana for living expenses to be covered. This depends on your situation and demonstrated need, but expenses incurred by birthmother housing are reasonable and lawful costs to be covered by adoption financial assistance.


Food is another “living expense” that can be covered when necessary. Since a woman’s diet during her pregnancy is crucial to the well-being of both her and her baby, this is considered an appropriate way to support a birth mother.

Other Living Expenses

Examples of other living expenses that are sometimes covered with adoption financial assistance are:

Costs associated with adoption are unavoidable, but the birth mother will not have to cover them. When you place a baby up for adoption, you will not incur any costs and your pregnancy-related needs will be met through adoption financial assistance.

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