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What’s Open Adoption in Maine? [Why It’s Beneficial]

Choosing to put your child up for adoption isn’t easy, and you may worry that it means you’ll be saying “goodbye” to your child forever. Thankfully, that’s not the case in most situations thanks to open adoption.

Open adoption in Maine lets you to give your child the benefit of a loving adoptive home while maintaining your bond with them.

If you’re new to adoption, you may wonder, “What’s open adoption in Maine?” Open adoptions are post-placement contact arrangements that allow for routine contact between birth parents, the adoptive family and the adoptee after the child is placed in an adoptive home. Open adoption lets you have an opportunity to maintain a relationship with your child through continued contact.

There are many benefits to open adoption, which is why it’s become the most common type of adoption. You can learn more about some of them by clicking here.

For now, keep reading to find out about the differences between closed adoption, semi-open adoption, and open adoption in Maine. We’ll also discuss how each type of adoption can impact your future relationship with your child and their adoptive family.

What is an open adoption in Maine?

At the heart of every  open adoption in Maine is a mutual agreement between the birth parents and adoptive parents that gives the birth parents an opportunity to have direct contact with the adopted child. Open adoptions in Maine are the norm now because all parties involved in the adoption triad benefit from them.   

Here are some of the open adoption benefits to consider:

There a few perceived drawbacks that are sometimes attributed to open adoptions in error. Most open adoptions in Maine produce positive outcomes for everybody involved. Even though the benefits of open adoption are almost universally recognized by adoption professionals, every adoption scenario is different, and you may have other determining factors involved in your decision.

One important thing to remember is that when you consider open adoption in Maine, you remain in control of your choice. You can choose the open adoption terms to meet your needs, including things like how much information is shared, what information is shared, and how much contact you have with your child.

Open adoption agreements can be modified to meet your needs. That said, there is some common information shared between birth parents and adoptive parents in an open adoption, such as:

As a birth parent, you’re in control of choosing the right family to raise your child. If you are interested in an open adoption arrangement, seek open adoption agencies in Maine to help you find a family that likewise welcomes open adoption.

Here are a few agencies in Maine that work with birth mothers to facilitate open adoptions.

Open adoption in Maine may offer you the best option if you want to stay in contact with your child and develop a relationship with them and their adoptive family. While it may not be the best arrangement for every mother, the positives are numerous enough that the majority of birth mothers choose open adoptions when placing a child.

What is a semi-open adoption in Maine?

Semi-open adoption is actually a type of open adoption in Maine that is more limited in scope. There may still be communication between the birth parents and adoptive parents. However, there’s often less contact between the birth parents, adoptive parents, and the adoptee. The volume and kind of contact exchanged in semi-open adoptions is more restricted in scope and frequency.

The kind of contact shared by birth parents and adoptive parents in semi-open adoption may be indirect or infrequent. A mediator may be involved, such as an adoption agency. During the contact, the information exchanged may be limited and only include details such as:

If you want to watch your child grow and develop from afar, semi-open adoption in Maine may be your best option.

What is a closed adoption in Maine?

There are some circumstances in which birth mothers prefer to have no contact with a child or their adoptive family after placement. They may simply want to move beyond their past. In those cases, closed adoption in Maine provides an avenue for such an arrangement. In closed adoption, information isn’t exchanged at all. The birth mother may allow for the child to find her when they turn 18, however.

Open vs. Closed Adoption in Maine

The most significant point of difference between open and closed adoption in Maine is the level of communication. Open adoption allows for any kind of contact that the parties involved agree upon. However, in a closed adoption, there’s no information shared. There’s simply no post-placement communication among the parties.  

There are some potential outcomes of closed adoption that can negatively affect the child and the birth parents. They can include:

At one time, closed adoptions in Maine were routine, but that’s not the case now. The benefits of open adoptions are well recognized, and the purported benefits of closed adoptions have been discredited. Birth mothers have the right to choose closed adoption in Maine if they want, though, especially when continued contact may create safety issues for the child.

Are Open Adoptions Enforceable by Law in Maine?

Maine does not legally enforce open adoption agreements, also known as post-adoption contract agreements or PACAs. State law doesn’t address the court’s role in open adoption. In most cases, legally binding agreements aren’t needed because all parties in the open adoption triad are committed to the adoptee’s best interest.  

Open adoptions are all about a spirit of cooperation between the adoptive parents and birth parents that’s driven by mutual interest in the child’s wellbeing. While adoptive parents and birth parents in an open adoption in Maine aren’t co-parenting, they work together to make sure their child’s needs are met.

If you’re interested in open adoption in Maine, be sure to seek counsel from adoption professionals. Adoption professionals will emphasize to everyone the importance of fulfilling contact commitments in the name of the adoptee’s best interest, even though such agreements aren’t enforced by the court in Maine.

Learn More about Open Adoption in Maine

Open adoptions in Maine are becoming more frequent, and the reasons for that are clear. The benefits abound, and there are few drawbacks involved in maintaining contact with your child and watching them grow within their adoptive family.

Open adoption in Maine may not be best for all birth parents, but remember, you get to make that decision. The type of adoption you select is profoundly personal, and the impacts of your choice will resonate for you and your unborn child in the future.

Again, it’s important to seek guidance from adoption professionals before deciding the type of adoption arrangement you would like. To speak with a professional about open adoptions, click here today.

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