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5 Questions about Birth Mother Financial Assistance

“Do you get paid for adoption in Michigan?”

No, you do not “get paid” for adoption. But, adoption is completely free, and you can likely receive adoption financial assistance.

Undoubtedly, unplanned pregnancy in Michigan can pose a financial challenge for an expectant mother. For most, it can be a scary, overwhelming, and confusing circumstance. It can bring up questions like:

We have created this guide to answer these questions and more. You are not alone in this journey, and there are professionals who can help you make sense of the obstacles you are facing. If you are ready to speak to someone who is qualified to counsel you during this time, contact us today.

Do You Get Paid to “Give Up” Your Baby for Adoption in Michigan?

This is a common question for many prospective birth mothers, as they consider their unplanned pregnancy options: adoption, parenting, or abortion. Your finances are an undeniable part of the equation when you are contemplating the next steps of your pregnancy journey.

The answer, as stated earlier, is no. You cannot get paid to place your baby for adoption in Michigan – or any other state for that matter. In fact, it is illegal to exchange payment for another person, and doing so could even be considered a felony.

This certainly does not mean that you will not be able to receive any financial assistance when you make the decision to put your baby up for adoption in Michigan. There are many expenses that you might have covered to support you during your pregnancy.

First, the services provided by an adoption agency are free. When you partner with a national agency that often has more resources than a local agency, it is likely that you are offered more support. When you work with the right agency, you can expect to be offered:

Is Putting a Baby Up for Adoption Free in Michigan?

Yes. Adoption is always free for an expectant mother pursuing adoption. Of your unplanned pregnancy options, it is the least expensive. It will cost you nothing and there are no hidden costs. You are making a brave and selfless decision by placing your baby up for adoption, and your adoption agency will help you to access the adoption financial support that you need during your pregnancy.    

It is common for women who decide to place their babies for adoption to be facing financial challenges. Certainly, pregnancy is not cheap — especially if you have limited health care coverage — and you may need some support. When you are working with licensed professionals from accredited agencies, they will make sure that you receive the adoption financial assistance that you need.

Some agencies you may want to reach out to in Michigan are:

Do Adoption Agencies Pay Birth Mothers in Michigan?

While you are researching your options, you might wonder, “Are there adoption agencies in Michigan that pay you?”

The answer to this is no. Neither adoption agencies nor hopeful adoptive parents can pay birth mothers. State and federal laws are very clear that the exchange of money for another human being is prohibited in any case. While the adoption process does not allow for agencies or families to pay you directly for “giving your baby up” for adoption, there are other ways that you can access adoption financial assistance and even scholarships.

If an adoption professional suggests that you might receive payments, this could be a sign that you are working with the wrong agency. Providing compensation for “giving baby up” for adoption in Michigan could even be considered a felony.

Do You Get Money from Adoption Agencies in Michigan?

No money can be exchanged for the transfer of parental rights that occurs during an adoption. However, a birth mother can receive financial assistance for putting baby up for adoption. While this may sound like splitting hairs, it is crucial that any money is transferred in a legal manner and go toward pregnancy-related costs.

Licensed Michigan agencies (like the ones listed above) ensure that your costs of “giving up a baby for adoption” are covered in a legal and ethical way.

Do You Get Money from Adoptive Families to Support Your Adoption in Michigan?

Again, no. The prospective adoptive family that you choose cannot pay you directly for putting your baby up for adoption.

Hopeful adoptive families do, however, pay to pursue adoption, and some of this money could cover your pregnancy-related expenses. In this case, the adoption agency acts as a third party to safeguard the process. This way it is clear that the adoption financial support is being put toward allowable expenses.

For the most part, appropriate support falls in the following categories:

Medical Costs

Pregnancy requires a lot of medical support, from pre-natal visits to ultrasounds to vitamins and supplements that help you to maintain your health throughout the gestational period. Especially for birth mothers with limited health coverage, adoption financial assistance in Michigan is essential when it comes to covering these costs. These costs can be covered for a birth mother.

Rent and Other Living Expenses

Whether you are facing underemployment that jeopardizes your ability to cover your living costs or there are other circumstances that are making it difficult for you to provide yourself with proper shelter, you may qualify for financial assistance for adoption in Michigan.

Some prospective birth mothers could be facing circumstances that jeopardize their ability to pay their housing costs. Whether factors related to their pregnancy are necessitating a move or a decrease in working hours, they may qualify for some adoption financial assistance related to housing. In Michigan, qualifying living expenses can be covered for the birth mother up to 6 weeks after birth.

Beyond rent, living expenses that are often covered for the birth mother are utilities, cell phone coverage, and transportation.


It goes without saying that a woman’s diet during her pregnancy can have a tremendous effect on her health and comfort, as well as the baby’s. Therefore, your ability to access nutritious food is crucial and can prevent some high-risk complications common with pregnancy. A perfectly appropriate way to support a prospective birth mother is to help her with her grocery costs during the pregnancy.

Legal Fees

Legal fees will be covered for the birth mother. You will receive legal counsel from professionals recommended by your adoption agency, and this will be free of cost to you. This is widely understood as universal adoption financial assistance that every woman receives. For more information regarding the type of financial assistance for adoption that is allowable in Michigan, you can be connected with an adoption professional today.

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