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Financial Assistance for Adoption in Minnesota [A Guide]

If you’re considering adoption, here are two things you should know:

However, the topic of adoption financial assistance can also be complicated. You may have many questions about financial assistance for adoption, such as:

When reading this guide, your most important takeaway should be that adoption is always free for the birth mother. You’ll never have to pay to place your child in a loving adoptive home.

You should also know that if you’re considering adoption, there is probably financial assistance for adoption available to you. Though we know you may have many concerns not relate to money when facing an unplanned pregnancy, learning more about adoption financial assistance in Minnesota can be helpful as you make your adoption plan.

Finding an adoption agency staffed with compassionate, experienced professionals who understand adoption financial assistance is a critical first step. To find adoption agencies in Minnesota, click here. For now, read the Q&A below to learn about the expense of putting a child up for adoption in Minnesota.

1. In Minnesota, is giving a baby up for adoption free?

Birth mothers never pay a cost to give a baby up for adoption in Minnesota. Putting your child up for adoption is always free. If you’re facing unplanned pregnancy, you could have financial concerns related to medical care and hospital delivery costs. Any additional costs associated with placing your baby would likely be burdensome and unnecessary.

You should know that most costs associated with pregnancy, labor, and delivery won’t be your responsibility. Those expenses can legally be paid by prospective adoptive parents through financial assistance for adoption in Minnesota.

2. Can I get money for giving my baby up for adoption in Minnesota?

Because birth mothers sometimes receive financial assistance when putting their child up for adoption, some people have a misconception that you can “get paid” to give your baby up for adoption in Minnesota. That’s not the case, though. Federal law prohibits adoption for compensation paid to birth parents.

Adoption for compensation isn’t just against state and federal laws. It’s also subject to criminal prosecution. If money or anything else of value is presented to birth parents in exchange for placing a child for adoption, it’s considered human trafficking.

3. Can you get paid for adoption by adoption agencies in Minnesota?

Receiving money for putting your baby up for adoption in Minnesota is illegal. It doesn’t matter where that payment originates. Minnesota law (and federal law) prohibits compensation offered by adoptive parents,  adoption agencies, or any representative of a prospective adoptive family. That can mean monetary payments or anything else of value.

You should be wary of any agency proposing payments that don’t comply with the legal expenses in state law. Receiving compensation for putting a baby up for adoption comes with stiff consequences, so be suspicious of any offers that seem questionable.

Even though birth mothers can’t legally get paid for adoption in Minnesota, there are expenses that can be paid through legal adoption financial assistance. Some adoption agencies that help with living expenses, and expenses incurred by the birth mother before, during, and immediately after the pregnancy and birth can be paid by adoptive families or adoption agencies.

4. Is there financial assistance for adoption in Minnesota for birth mothers?

There’s no secret that an unexpected pregnancy can turn your life upside-down. That can involve significant financial impacts related to medical care, diet and nutrition, and lifestyle costs. Your ability to work may even be affected during your pregnancy, and that can impact your budget profoundly.

Though you can’t get paid to give your baby up for adoption in Minnesota, there are legal ways to get help in covering your expenses. Several kinds of adoption financial assistance in Minnesota for birth mothers are allowed under state law.

Legal adoption financial assistance is meant to offset the costs of carrying and delivering a baby. It can cover costs for living expenses and other reasonable costs related to medical care for the birth mother and baby.

Any payment for birth mothers in Minnesota must be classified into one of the following categories:

5. Are there laws that pertain to payment of expenses to birth mothers?

Minnesota law allows payment of birth mother expenses and defines the terms under which such payments are allowed. Though there are birth mother expenses such as birthmother housing that can be paid legally, it’s wise to seek professional advice before accepting any payments. 

A licensed adoption professional can help make sure all assistance payments are provided in compliance with the law. While giving your baby up for adoption for money in Minnesota is not allowed, there are legal ways to get the assistance you need from potential adoptive parents who want to help.

6. Who decides how much adoption financial assistance can be provided?

There’s no explicitly stated cap on birth parent expenses in the state’s adoption laws, so it’s up to the family courts in Minnesota to determine which birth mother expense payments are reasonably allowed.

Many factors can determine what kind of and how much adoption financial assistance you may receive, such as:

Expenses can be paid for a finite period following the birth of the child as well, according to state law. That period is up to six weeks after the child’s birth. A document must also be filed with court prior to adoption finalization that details all expenses submitted and paid during the pregnancy.

In addition to Minnesota’s laws on adoption financial assistance, the financial resources of prospective adoptive families can factor into the equation. Potential adoptive families usually have an adoption budget when beginning the process, so expenses will have to fit within that budget.

7. Are there birth mother expenses that cannot be paid by prospective adoptive parents?

The state laws addressing financial assistance for adoption in Minnesota are clear when it comes to what expenses are “reasonable” and allowable.

Though some expenses can be paid through adoption financial assistance, some payments may be considered illegal compensation for placing a baby for adoption. For example, Minnesota adoption law expressly prohibits expense payments for lost wages, gifts, educational expenses, or other similar expenses for the birth mother.

Speak to your adoption professional to find out more about adoption financial assistance in your situation.

8. Where do I get more information about adoption financial assistance in Minnesota?

To learn more about legal adoption financial assistance and how you can get financial help, speak with an adoption professional today.

Your adoption agency in Minnesota can help you get a better understanding of the laws surrounding financial assistance for adoption. You can find an adoption agency that specializes in supporting birth mothers at this link.

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