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3 Unplanned Pregnancy Options in Mississippi [A Complete Guide]

Facing an unplanned pregnancy in Mississippi can be stressful, overwhelming, and in some cases, traumatic. You may feel like your future is uncertain, and your choices unclear. There is help available. Adoption professionals are available to you to give you unbiased guidance toward the path that is right for you.

They will talk you through your three unplanned pregnancy choices:

If you are ready to speak with an expert, contact a professional today or call an unplanned pregnancy hotline.

This guide will also give you a good idea of what you can expect from each of the unplanned pregnancy options in Mississippi.

What is Adoption in Mississippi?

Adoption comes in many forms. While most Mississippi adoptions are open adoptions, some women choose to pursue semi-open or closed adoptions. Either way, adoption is the choice to carry your pregnancy to term and place your baby in an adoptive home after birth. With open adoption, you will not only choose your child’s adoptive parents but be able to continue a loving relationship with them and your child after the adoption.

Open adoption is widely understood as the most beneficial option for the whole adoption triad: birth mother, adoptee, and adoptive family. If you want an open adoption agreement, you will have the support of your adoption specialist.

More than this, when you choose to place your baby for adoption, your agency will offer you:

Do I Get to Choose My Baby’s Adoptive Parents?

Yes, you get to make this decision for your baby. For most birth mothers, selecting the perfect adoptive family is the most important choice in their adoption process. It has tremendous implications and will influence the life of your child in a significant way.

The right agency will help you find a family for your child that has the qualities and lifestyle that you are looking for.

Here is how it will work:

Contact one of the following Mississippi adoption agencies to start your adoption journey:

How Do You “Give Up” a Baby for Adoption in Mississippi?

This option for unplanned pregnancy is a beautiful and rewarding experience for the women who decide that it is right for them. Adoption is one way that you can:

When you choose adoption, your adoption specialist will guide you through these 6 basic steps:

  1. Decide that adoption is right for you. Facing an unplanned pregnancy in Mississippi presents you with a few choices. Considering the several benefits associated with this unplanned pregnancy option might help you to make your decision.
  2. Develop an adoption plan. One role of a professional giving you unplanned pregnancy help in Mississippi is to help you create an adoption plan. An adoption plan outlines and describes in detail your preferences for the entire adoption process.  
  3. Choose the perfect family for your child. Your adoption specialist will give you profiles of adoptive families that they think you will have some interest in. Then, you will review them and select an adoptive family that offers your child the kind of life that you want for them.
  4. Begin your communication with the adoptive family. Starting with a mediated phone call where you can ask any questions you have for the family, you will start the relationship with your chosen adoptive family in whatever way that you are comfortable.
  5. Give birth to your baby and sign adoption placement paperwork. On the day that you enter the hospital to have your baby, everyone will be following your guidelines and preferences set out in your hospital plan. Your needs will be the most important. Following the birth of your child, you will sign final adoption paperwork for placement.
  6. Continue a relationship with your child and their adoptive family. The frequency and mode of your interaction with your child’s adoptive family will be up to you. While most modern adoptions are open or semi-open, some women prefer a closed adoption, and this is OK too.

Does Adoption Cost Money in Mississippi?

Of the unplanned pregnancy options in Mississippi, adoption is the least expensive.

In fact, it is free.

Not only are there no costs associated with adoption, you could also qualify for adoption financial support to cover pregnancy-related needs and living expenses.

All services offered by your adoption agency will be free of cost. All legal aspects of your adoption will be covered. And all medical expenses related to your pregnancy will be taken care of.

Additionally, you could qualify for support with:

Is Adoption Right for Me?

No unplanned pregnancy option is easy, and there is a significant period of consideration involved in the choice between the three choices. While adoption is rewarding and can be a beautiful experience, it is not for everyone, and it is important that you make the decision that is right for you.

Some women have chosen this unplanned pregnancy choice for the following reasons:

You are not alone in this decision. If any of these reasons resonated with you, contact an agency to speak with a professional today.

What is Abortion in Mississippi?

Abortion is a medical procedure that results in the termination of an unwanted pregnancy. For women who cannot or choose not to carry their baby to term, this is the alternative pregnancy option that is best for them.

Abortion is highly legislated, and its accessibility varies from state to state. In Mississippi, abortion is especially restricted in comparison to other states. It is the most controversial of the unplanned pregnancy options in Mississippi, and for some women, it is not even a consideration. Depending upon your religious or moral convictions, abortion may be excluded right away.

What Restrictions are on Abortion in Mississippi?

If you are considering abortion, it is important to remember that it is only an option for a short period of time during your pregnancy. It is an early pregnancy option; in Mississippi, women can have an abortion performed at or under 18 weeks postfertilization. The only exception to this is in cases when the woman’s life is endangered, her health compromised, or the baby has a lethal anomaly. 

Some restrictions on Mississippi abortion include:

What Risks are Involved in Abortion?

Abortion is widely understood by health professionals as a safe procedure. It has been used as an unwanted pregnancy option for 40 years, and it only very rarely has long-lasting effects on a woman’s body. In unusual cases, it can negatively affect your chance of becoming pregnant again in the future.

Some much more common side effects are:

Is Abortion Right for Me?

Abortion is not an unplanned pregnancy option that is right for every woman. Some women have objections to the procedure or have a support system that opposes the choice. You should consider these realities as you ask, “Is this the right unwanted pregnancy option for me?”

Some common reasons that Mississippi women choose abortion are:

It is likely you relate to some of these reasons, but if not, you will want to look to alternative pregnancy options in Mississippi. For some, it is helpful to consider if you are willing to carry your baby to term. If so, adoption or parenting might be the right choice for you instead.

What is Parenting in Mississippi?

Parenting is the most common choice women make when facing an unplanned pregnancy in Mississippi. This, of course, is when you carry your baby to term and raise them in your home. In this case, you retain your parental rights and you will care for your baby independently, with a partner, or in collaboration with a support system.

What are the Challenges of Being a Single Parent in Mississippi?

Most women who choose parenting are able to make reasonable adjustments to their life to provide the stability necessary to raise a child. For those who are parenting as single parents, this is often more difficult. If this is the situation you are in, you will want to consider the challenges you might face when you choose this option for unwanted pregnancy in Mississippi.

Some of these challenges are:

If you are leaning toward parenting as your unplanned pregnancy option, but you are stressed about the difficulties you might face, reach out to some of the many organizations that offer support to single parents:

Is Parenting Right for Me?

Choosing to raise your baby is a life-changing decision, and it is not one that you should feel pressured into. This is your decision and your decision alone. But remember that you have the assistance of unplanned pregnancy resources. You are not alone. Reach out to experts to help you make this decision if you are still struggling to make a decision.

Some situations that make parenting a more feasible unplanned pregnancy decision are:

Again, you are not alone to make this decision on your own. Licensed professionals will come alongside you and help you sort out the concerns that are unique to you and help you decide what is right for you. Contact us today to be connected to an empathetic, informed professional.

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