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Do You Get Paid to Put Your Baby Up For Adoption in Mississippi?

“Do you get paid for putting your baby up for adoption in Mississippi?”

No, you do not “get paid” for adoption. However, adoption is absolutely free, and most birth mothers receive adoption financial assistance.

An unplanned pregnancy in Mississippi can present a financial challenge for any expectant mother. This can be a scary, overwhelming, and confusing place to find yourself. It might make you ask questions like:

We have created this guide to give you all the information you need. You have support in this journey, and professionals are available to help you benefit from the advantages of adoption. If you are ready to speak to an expert on the adoption process, contact us today.

Do You Get Paid to “Give Up” Your Baby for Adoption in Mississippi?

No. You cannot get paid to place your baby for adoption in Mississippi or anywhere in the United States. But there are financial benefits to choosing adoption. For one — your pregnancy-related expenses will be covered for you. This includes your doctor’s visits, your ultrasounds, and your labor and delivery costs.

Before that, though, your adoption financial assistance begins with the services that you receive from your adoption agency.

Everything they do to support you during your pregnancy is free.

When you partner with a national agency, you will likely have more support because they often have more resources than a local agency. Working with the right agency, you can expect:

Is Putting a Baby Up for Adoption Free in Mississippi?

Yes, adoption is absolutely free. This is a common question that we hear from expectant mothers who are considering their unplanned pregnancy options. Your finances must be a part of the equation when you are contemplating your next steps. Abortion can cost a woman a great deal. Parenting costs a parent about $200,000 over the span of their child’s life, but adoption will not cost anything.

You are making a brave and generous decision when you “give up” your baby for adoption, and you deserve the support you need. Your adoption agency will guide you through the process of accessing adoption financial assistance that will ease financial strain or worry.    

Some agencies who will help you receive the support you need in Mississippi are:

Do Adoption Agencies Pay Birth Mothers in Mississippi?

No. Adoption agencies cannot pay birth mothers with direct funds for placing their child for adoption.

Receiving payments in exchange for a child is against the law and can even be considered a felony. However, your pregnancy-related costs and some living expenses can be covered for you. Some agencies even offer scholarships to women who need them for their next steps in life.

If you are working with an adoption professional who suggests that you will receive payments in exchange for your consent to adoption, this is a sign that you might be working with the wrong agency. Giving compensation for “giving baby up” for adoption in Mississippi is never allowed. Licensed Mississippi agencies (like those above) will help you subsidize the costs of “giving up a baby for adoption” are covered in a legal and ethical way.

Do You Get Money from Adoptive Families to Support Your Adoption in Mississippi?

Again, no. Your chosen adoptive family, even if they wanted to pay you, cannot.

However, hopeful adoptive families do budget a certain amount to contribute to assistance for the needs you may have during your pregnancy. What is allowable varies state-to-state, and your adoption agency must act as a third party to guarantee that the process is completed ethically and legally. Adoption financial support must be put toward allowable expenses and cannot be an informal exchange of money.

Allowable support in Mississippi falls in the following categories: legal fees, medical fees, living expenses, and counseling.

Legal Fees

Since adoption is a legal process, there are legal fees associated with it. However, these will be covered for the birth mother.

Your agency will likely suggest professionals who you can get legal counsel from, and their services will not cost you anything. This should be the case no matter who you work with to complete your adoption. It is universal adoption financial assistance that every woman receives.

Medical Costs

As stated previously, your pregnancy-related medical expenses will be covered for you. No matter your insurance coverage, you will not accrue any costs that pertain to your healthcare needs related to your pregnancy. Pre-natal visits, ultrasounds, vitamins and supplements, prescriptions, and hospital fees all fall within normal and reasonable ways that you can receive adoption financial assistance in Mississippi.

Living Expenses

When you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you might have more obstacles between you and financial stability. Time off work, underemployment or a potentially dangerous situation at home could render you with housing insecurity. Having costs associated with proper shelter (like rent) paid for can be considered appropriate financial assistance for adoption in Mississippi.

Other living expenses that women frequently qualify to have covered are utilities, cell phone coverage, and transportation. These are considered necessary for the safety and well-being of both you and your baby.

Groceries are another common expense that birth mothers can receive adoption financial assistance for. A woman’s diet during her pregnancy can have a huge impact on her health and comfort, as well as her baby’s. You should be able to access nutritious food because it can prevent high-risk complications and contribute to the health of your baby. Therefore, paying for grocery costs during the pregnancy is a completely acceptable way to offer support.


Pre and post-adoption counseling is often provided by adoption agencies, but if you require additional guidance, you can ask your adoption specialist about what can be provided to you outside of the agency’s services.

You may qualify for more than you think during your pregnancy. Don’t be afraid to ask about the financial assistance for adoption that you can receive. For more detailed information about the type of assistance that is allowable in Mississippi, you can be connected with an adoption professional today.

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