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Do You Get Paid to Put Your Baby Up For Adoption in Missouri?

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy in Missouri and wondering if you get paid for putting your baby up for adoption, you are not alone.

There is a lot of misconceptions about this, and this guide will answer this nuanced question for you.

Do you Get Paid to “Give Up” Your Baby for Adoption in Missouri?

The short answer to this questions is no. It is actually illegal to offer payment in exchange for another person in Missouri (or any other state for that matter).

A birth mother cannot be offered money, but she can get some expenses covered for her throughout her pregnancy, the first of which are services of an adoption agency to complete the adoption. With the right agency, these will include:

Is Putting a Baby Up for Adoption Free in Missouri?

Many women considering adoption have financial anxieties, and the prospect of having to pay to complete the adoption process can cause some worry. Rest assured, adoption is free to an expectant mother in Missouri. There are no hidden costs, and many prospective birth mothers even benefit from adoption financial assistance.

You are making the selfless decision to put your baby’s needs before your own, and there are no associated costs to “giving your baby up” for adoption.  You will be good hands when working with adoption specialists at a licensed agency. They will work hard to make sure that your needs are taken care of, you are at the center of your adoption, and that costs associated with pregnancy are covered.

Some agencies you may want to reach out to in Missouri are:

Do Adoption Agencies Pay Birth Mothers in Missouri?

As stated before, it is illegal for money to be exchanged for the transfer of parental rights. If you speak to a professional who insinuates that there could be payments, this is a warning that they may not be holding their practice to legal standards.

Adoption agencies understand that birth mothers are often facing financial stresses and are sensitive to this. They will often provide support throughout a woman’s pregnancy that can help ease costs associated with pregnancy. 

Do You Get Money from Adoption Agencies in Missouri?

Expectant mothers may think that adoption agencies pay you because they frequently offer adoption financial assistance to prospective birth mothers in Missouri. Some agencies will even offer scholarships.

The trustworthy Missouri agencies listed above offer adoption financial support for mothers who are placing a child for adoption. They will make sure that you are given the support you need and that costs of “giving up a baby for adoption” are not yours to cover.

Healthcare expenses associated with the pregnancy will always be covered for the prospective birth mother. Pre-natal visits are frequent during a low-risk pregnancy and happen even more during a pregnancy with risk factors. Additionally, a birth mother may be prescribed medicines; these will be covered as well.  

Apart from the health care that mothers need during their pregnancy, there are other situational costs that are incurred during or as a result of the pregnancy. There is a possibility that a prospective birth mother can receive adoption financial aid to cover costs like:


Some situations will require expectant mothers to move or decrease their working hours. Either of these situations could make it difficult for her to cover her housing costs. Adoptive families in Missouri can step in during these sorts of situations and assist her financially.


Again, there are conditions that can impact a birth mother’s ability to provide for herself. Whether she has to work less due to the pregnancy or is put on a special diet that increases her grocery costs, this can make it difficult for a mother to maintain the healthy choices around food that are essential during this time. Providing a birth mother with proper nutrients is an acceptable way that adoptive parents can provide financial assistance for putting a baby up for adoption.

Legal Fees

Birth mothers will not be responsible for the legal fees associated with their adoption. These will almost always be included in the adoption financial assistance provided by the adoptive family or agency.

For more information regarding the type of financial assistance for adoption that is allowable in Missouri, you can consult the Child Welfare Information Gateway. Or, if you’d like to be connected with a helpful adoption professional, you can contact us today.

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