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Do You Get Paid to Put Your Baby Up for Adoption in Oklahoma? [5 Questions about Birth Mother Financial Assistance]

The financial stress associated with an unplanned pregnancy in Oklahoma is no small consideration. A woman’s financial situation absolutely comes into play when deciding how to handle a pregnancy. The financial costs involved in each of the unplanned pregnancy options are:

If you are wondering “Can I get paid for adoption?” this guide is for you.

You cannot get paid for adoption, however there are many ways that choosing adoption could be a beneficial choice for you – even financially. Most birth mothers qualify for adoption financial assistance that covers costs during their pregnancy, and adoption is always free for prospective birth mothers.

In this guide, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about the financial aspect of placing your child up for adoption in Oklahoma. If you are ready to connect with a professional about pursuing adoption, contact a professional today

Do you Get Paid to “Give Up” Your Baby for Adoption in Oklahoma?

You are not alone in wondering if you receive compensation for placing your baby for adoption. Whether they are in Oklahoma or any other state in the U.S., birth mothers cannot get paid for “giving their baby up” for adoption. Direct compensation in exchange for a child is unlawful, but there are many ways that a birth mother is supported during her adoption journey.

Many expenses will indeed be covered – especially those that are related to her pregnancy – as a woman goes through the adoption process. First and foremost, as woman can expect to have all adoption agency services given to her for free. When partnered with the right agency, these include:

Is Putting a Baby Up for Adoption Free in Oklahoma?

If you are concerned about what an adoption will cost you, you can rest assured that you will not be responsible for any of the costs related to your adoption. Your adoption agency and adoptive family will cover any legal costs associated with the adoption and any medical costs related to your pregnancy. Adoption is always free for prospective birth mothers. 

The decision to place a baby for adoption in Oklahoma is selfless and generous, and it should not put you under any financial stress. You will not have to cover any of the costs to “giving your baby up” for adoption in Oklahoma.

Additionally, you will likely qualify for adoption financial assistance that allows the adoption agency and hopeful adoptive family to cover some of your expenses during the adoption process. Your health and well-being is a mutual

Some agencies you may want to reach out to in Oklahoma are:

Do Adoption Agencies Pay Birth Mothers in Oklahoma?

A common question that is posed by birth parents is “Are there adoption agencies that pay you?” This belief that mothers are compensated by agencies is a common misconception about how the adoption process works

The answer is no. Direct payments to a birth mother from adoptive parents or adoption agency could actually be considered a felony in Oklahoma and in the rest of the country.

If the opposite is suggested by an adoption professional, it would be wise for you to find another professional to work with. There are lawful and ethical ways to have your needs met during this time, and the right agency will not promise you any sort of direct compensation.

Do You Get Money from Adoption Agencies in Oklahoma?

You cannot be paid by adoption agencies for “giving your baby up” for adoption. However, these same professionals can and do work diligently to provide adoption financial assistance to prospective birth mothers. In some cases, they even offer scholarships to women.

Trusted Oklahoma adoption agencies (like the ones listed above) offer financial assistance for adoption when it comes to adoption-related expenses and living costs.

Do You Get Money from Adoptive Families in Oklahoma?

You may not receive direct or informal payments from your adoptive family in exchange for your consent to the adoption.

However, the support you receive that is handled by the adoption agency will sometimes depend on the budget of an adoptive family. Every hopeful adoptive family is prepared to cover the cost of some adoption financial assistance, and the family’s budget will be a part of the matching process in the early stages of your adoption. What this means is that if you need a particular kind of assistance, your adoption specialist will do what they can to make this possible.

Some assistance that qualify under Oklahoma law are:

Medical Expenses

Your medical care – along with the baby’s – is crucial. You will have pre-natal visits, ultrasounds, labor and delivery costs, and maybe even some prescriptions along the way. The costs associated with these services are significant, and you will not be responsible for them. If you have medical costs unrelated to the pregnancy, these will likely not be covered by the agency, but anything that has to do with the pregnancy and delivery is covered through adoption financial assistance.

Legal Fees

Adoption is fundamentally a legal process, so there are legal fees associated with it. The birth mother is not responsible for any of these costs. When a mother places a baby up for adoption, she will receive free legal representation, and the court costs will not be hers to cover. These legal costs are paid for by the adoptive parents and the adoption agency.


While rent is not an automatic qualifying cost for every birth mother, in some situations, this can be paid for. Some women have housing insecurity or are living in unsafe situations and can be eligible to have their rent covered through financial assistance for adoption.

Groceries and Other Living Expenses

As you well know, diet is important during a pregnancy, and for some women a balanced diet can be the difference between a healthy and unhealthy pregnancy. If a woman is having trouble affording food, she may qualify for adoption financial assistance to cover these costs.

Other birth parent expenses that are allowable to be covered in Oklahoma are transportation and child care of any minors in the custody of the birth parents.

For more information about the type of financial assistance for adoption that is permissible in Oklahoma, you can contact us to today. We will connect you with a helpful adoption professional.

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