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3 Questions About Selecting an Adoptive Family in Oklahoma

Just as there are women from various walks of life who choose to place their baby for adoption, there is also diversity in the kinds of hopeful adoptive parents who want to grow their families. Each adoptive family has different qualities, lifestyles, hobbies, and hopes for their child. And you get to choose one for your baby.

While you may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of finding adoptive parents for your baby, know that the right family is out there, and that you are not alone in this journey. There are adoption specialists who can guide you through the process at agencies across the nation.

As an Oklahoma woman who is considering placing your baby for adoption, you should know that:

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Do I Get to Select the Adoptive Family for Your Child in Oklahoma?

Yes. This is a decision that you get to make for your child. Not only do you get to choose the family who will adopt and raise your child, but you will also get to meet them and establish a relationship with them, if this is something that you want for your life. A licensed adoption professional will guide you through this decision-making process, and help you to find hopeful adoptive families who meet the criteria that you set. Only you can make this important decision, but you will have the support of an experienced and empathetic adoption specialist as you choose the perfect family.  

Your choice to put a baby up for adoption is made from a place of deep love for your child. It is a generous and selfless act, and it is important that it is honored. You are in control of your adoption process and should consent to every decision made.

This is especially true when it comes to your choice of adoptive parents for your baby. This decision will impact your child’s life dramatically, and so it is important that this decision is yours to make.

It may come as a surprise to you that many birth mothers not only find an adoptive family for their child during this search, but also gain a lifelong friendship.

Randi, who is a birth mother, describes her adoption as “pretty much as open as it gets” and enjoys a close relationship with her baby’s adoptive parents, keeping up with her daughter’s life through email, phone calls, and a blog that her baby’s adoptive family keeps updated.

She said, “It’s amazing how…when you’re so down in your life, and you meet people like that who can just make you realize that there are still good people out there.”

How Will I Find Parents to Adopt My Baby in Oklahoma?

There are countless Oklahoma families waiting for an adoption opportunity, and there are even more if you open your search up with a national agency.  You will find the perfect adoptive family for your baby, and will do so more quickly and easily when you partner with an adoption agency who can facilitate the connection.

Adoption professionals in Oklahoma will help you navigate these three steps in your search for an adoptive family:

Step 1: Determine what qualities are important to you in an adoptive family.

Looking for an adoptive family in Oklahoma – or any other state – begins with your vision for what your child’s life will be like. Different women have different priorities, and that is okay. Your adoption specialist will give you the opportunity to voice all of that you desire for your child and even guide you through some questions that will help you describe characteristics you want.

Some common considerations you might want to think about are:

You are allowed – and even encouraged – to have an opinion about these things. Your dream for your child’s life is a priority when looking for parents to adopt my baby in Oklahoma.

Step 2: Review profiles of hopeful adoptive parents in Oklahoma.

After you describe the qualities that make a perfect adoptive family for your baby, your adoption specialist will compare your adoption plan with the available families in their database. Then they will give you a list of profiles to review.

Profiles will often include:

If you are partnered with a national agency, you will have dozens of profiles to sort through, and the families will reside in different states across the country. With a local agency, you will be given a handful of local family profiles to review. No matter the number of profiles you have access to, your next step will be to familiarize yourself with the families wanting to adopt. When a family stands out to you, you will then reach out to them via your adoption specialist.

If you are eager to look at some profiles, you can click here to hear about some hopeful adoptive parents.

Step 3: Get to know the adoptive family.

Your first interaction with an adoptive family will likely be a mediated phone call with your adoption specialist. During this call, you can ask any questions you have for the family. The main point of the meeting will be to get a better feel for who they are so you can decide whether this is a family you want to proceed with or if you want to look through more family profiles.  

Most women who have been through the adoption process say that you just know when you know. Birth mother, Randi described the first meeting with her baby’s adoptive family as an “instant connection.” After choosing your baby’s adoptive family, you will then get to decide how you would like to go forward. You can maintain close contact, ask for some distance, or keep your interactions minimal. This is up to you, and you get to decide.

Common ways that birth mothers and adoptive families keep in contact are:

Are There Parents Wanting to Adopt My Baby? [View Oklahoma Adoption Profiles]

Yes. There are many adoptive families who are waiting for an adoption opportunity.

If you are hoping to connect with some of them, an adoption specialist at a licensed adoption agency can guide you. If you are not yet ready to speak with an adoption professional, you might prefer to begin viewing family profiles immediately. For some prospective birth mothers, this opportunity to browse family profiles casually helps take the pressure off what can be a difficult decision and helps them to feel in control of the process. After viewing some profiles, you may feel ready to reach out to a professional, or it may confirm a different unplanned pregnancy decision for you.

We hope that having the chance to browse profiles today eases some of your anxiety about finding an adoptive family in Oklahoma.  You can both watch video profiles or read about families, which could help you narrow down the qualities that are most important to you in a potential adoptive family for your baby.

If you are looking for an adoption professional to help you through the process of finding a family for your baby, contact us today.

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