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What is an Open Adoption in Oklahoma? [Pros and Cons of Open Adoption]

Open adoption in Oklahoma is any adoption arrangement that allows for the continued loving relationship between a birth mother and her child. And, contrary to popular belief, this is standard in modern adoptions.

If you want a post-adoption agreement that gives you the opportunity to stay updated on your child’s life and maintain a bond with your child, you can choose to pursue an open adoption.

Women who choose an open adoption can:

You will have the chance from the very beginning of your adoption process to set the stage for an open adoption. As you develop an adoption plan with an adoption specialist, you will have the chance to describe your desired relationship with your baby’s adoptive family. This includes the mode of contact and the frequency of your communications. They will work on your behalf to find a family who is open to your preferred relationship.

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What Are the Benefits of Open Adoption in Oklahoma?

Open adoption is encouraged by adoption professionals because the benefits are clear. When the adoption triad can maintain a connection, it is advantageous to everyone: birth mother, adoptive parents, and adopted child. If you want to have an open adoption in Oklahoma, you will not have trouble finding an adoption agency that supports this. While there is a need for closed adoptions for some women, adoption professionals are highly supportive of open adoption in most cases.

The benefits of open adoption include the following:

Open adoption in Oklahoma contact can include:

If you are wondering, “Are there open adoption agencies in Oklahoma?” the answer is yes. In fact, because open adoption is so commonplace now, nearly every private domestic agency will help you develop and negotiate an open adoption agreement. You are in control, and if you want an open adoption, contact the following agencies to assist you:

How Will I Find an Adoptive Family Who Wants an Open Adoption in Oklahoma?

Many birth mothers enter the adoption process with the misconception that their desire for an open adoption will make it difficult for them to find an adoptive family. Most families are willing to enter an agreement with some degree of openness. Even when they are hesitant about it, they are often reassured by adoption professionals who educate them about what is best for their child. Increasingly, families understand the many benefits of an open adoption relationship.

After you meet with your adoption specialist to describe the type of adoption that you want, they will search their database for adoptive families who are open to the same sort of arrangement. This way, when you choose the perfect family for your child from this list of families, you can rest assured that they are open to a continued relationship with you.

The formal process involved in planning your adoption relationship is to develop a postadoption contact agreement (PACA), otherwise known as an open adoption agreement. Your adoption specialist will help you with the details of this and any mediation that may need to happen to iron out any differences. These agreements can range between a simple, informal understanding to a formal contract. The right agency will guide you through this process, and will also emphasize the importance of staying true to one’s word when it comes to honoring an open adoption agreement in Oklahoma.

Open Adoption vs. Closed Adoption in Oklahoma

You are central to the adoption process, and your needs and desires for your adoption are important.

Your adoption agreement can and will be unique to your needs and the kind of relationship you want to build with your child and their adoptive parents. You do not have to choose between no contact or frequent contact. Rather, you can mold your agreement to suit your situation and needs.

Maybe you want to share identifying information with your child’s adoptive parents, and you want your child to be able to contact you later in life, but you do not want much else in the way of a relationship. In this case, you might consider semi-open adoption, that allows for a minimal amount of contact without the obligation to continue a close relationship.

You have a lot of choice in the matter, and your adoption agreement doesn’t need to compare to any other adoption agreement. If you have questions about a particular desire you have for your post-adoptive relationship, contact an adoption professional today.

There are definite pros and cons of open adoption in Oklahoma that you will want to consider. A closed adoption can provide anonymity, closure, and privacy that some women need, and this is necessary sometimes. But there are many benefits to open adoption:

Open adoption is a great opportunity for birth parents, adoptive parents, and the adopted child to foster a loving relationship centered around the well-being of the child. The benefits are clear. Still, closed adoptions in Oklahoma have their place. For some birth mothers, they are the best option.

A closed adoption means that very little (if any) identifying information will be kept private during and after the adoption and there is little to no communication between birth mother and adoptive parents after the adoption is final.

Some reasons that birth mothers consider a closed adoption are:

You get to oversee your adoption. You are in control and get to define the kind of adoption relationship that is best for you. Adoption specialists will provide you with the information and assurances you need. They can also offer mediation of that is necessary.

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