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Do You Get Paid to Put Your Baby Up For Adoption in Oregon? [5 Questions about Birth Mother Financial Assistance]

A common question that birth mothers have when considering adoption is: “Do you get paid to “give your baby up” for adoption in Oregon?”

The answer is no, you cannot “get paid” for placing your baby for adoption. However, the adoption process is completely free, your relevant legal and medical fees will be covered, and most birth mothers are also eligible for other adoption financial assistance.

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There is no getting around the fact that, when you experience an unplanned pregnancy in Oregon, finances are often a part of an expectant mother’s decision-making process. You might feel overwhelmed thinking about the costs that will accrue over the course of your pregnancy or the costs associated with your unplanned pregnancy choice.

This guide was created so that you have all the information you need about adoption financial assistance. In it we’ll cover:

Remember that there are professionals who are available to help you. And don’t forget, adoption is always free for women considering this unplanned pregnancy option. If you are ready to speak to an expert on the financial benefits of the adoption process, contact us today.

Do You Get Paid to “Give Up” Your Baby for Adoption in Oregon?

A birth mother does not get paid when she places her baby for adoption in Oregon. This does not differ from state to state; federal laws prohibit direct payments for the exchange of a child. However, each state has identified allowable ways that the adoptive family and adoption agency can assist the birth mother financially.

The first thing you need to know is that the services provided by your adoption agency will be free. They will be available to you at any point in the pregnancy and ensure that your adoption goes the way you want it to – and all of this will be free.

When you work with a national agency, you will typically receive more support because they have more access to resources than a local agency does.

Partnered with the right agency, you can expect:

Is Putting a Baby Up for Adoption Free in Oregon?

Yes, adoption is completely free with no hidden costs.

When women are contemplating their unplanned pregnancy options, this is a frequently asked question. It makes sense because your finances are an essential part of your considerations. When you compare the unplanned pregnancy options as they related to cost, it looks a little something like this:

While adoption will not cost you anything, you might be anticipating one or many disruptions that your pregnancy could cause. Often, women struggle to pay for the healthcare costs, are unable to work as much, or need to relocate during their pregnancy. This is why there is adoption financial assistance available to women who choose adoption. Your adoption agency will work with you to determine your needs and provide the necessary support.

Some agencies who will help you receive the support you need in Oregon are:

Do Adoption Agencies Pay Birth Mothers in Oregon?

No. The law prohibits adoption agencies from paying birth mothers. Direct payments cannot be made to a woman who chooses to place her baby for adoption.

Adoption agencies, however, do facilitate financial assistance for adoption in Oregon all the time. This is an essential part of the support that they offer a birth mother.

Your pregnancy-related costs (like doctor’s visits or travel associated with the adoption) will be covered, as will legal counsel. You will not have to worry about these expenses. It is also possible that you will qualify for adoption financial assistance that covers some living expenses, or even be eligible for scholarships that some agencies offer.

When you are working with the right agency, your needs will be at the center of the process, and they will do everything they can to make sure you have all the support you need. If, on the other hand, you encounter an adoption professional who implies that you will receive direct payments in exchange for consenting to an adoption, this is a red flag.

Offering compensation for “giving baby up” for adoption in Oregon is not legal. Reputable Oregon agencies (like those above) will help you cover the costs of “giving up a baby for adoption” without infringing upon the law.  

Do You Get Money from Adoptive Families to Support Your Adoption in Oregon?

No. Even in a scenario where your baby’s adoptive family wanted to pay you, they cannot.

However, every hopeful adoptive family determines a budget for the needs that you may have during the pregnancy. During the process of matching you with an adoptive family, a factor that your adoption specialist will consider is whether your financial needs align with the family’s budget. The adoption agency will act as a third party to ensure that the payments made to cover allowable costs are exchanged legally and ethically.

Adoption financial support must be put toward allowable expenses – which vary from state to state – and cannot be an informal exchange of money. In Oregon, this aid falls in the following categories:

Legal Fees

Adoption is a legal process that has legal fees associated with it. The birth mother will not be responsible for these expenses and will be provided legal counsel for free. Additionally, your agency should have a network of reputable attorneys that will be available to you. Their services will not cost you anything. This is standard adoption financial assistance that every woman receives, no matter who they are working with.

Medical Costs

Healthcare costs can accumulate quickly during a pregnancy, but do not worry – you will not be responsible for these when you place your baby for adoption in Oregon. Your prenatal visits, ultrasounds, vitamins, prescriptions, and hospital stay are all reasonable fees that you can receive adoption financial assistance for in Oregon.

Living Expenses

Oregon adoption laws allow a birth mother’s “living expenses” to be covered with financial assistance for adoption. This is a vague descriptor and has the potential to cover a lot of different needs: rent, utilities, phone lines, childcare, or transportation. All could be considered necessary for your safety and well-being.

Groceries are another need that can often be covered by adoption financial assistance. As you well know, a woman’s diet during her pregnancy can impact both her and her baby’s health. If you are unable to access nutritious food, this is a valid reason to request financial assistance for adoption in Oregon.

It is possible that you qualify for more than you think you will. Do not hesitate to ask about the financial assistance for adoption that is available to you. For more information about what assistance is allowable in Oregon, you can speak with an adoption professional today.

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