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Unplanned Pregnancy Options in Pennsylvania [You’re Not Alone]

Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania? If so, you may be feeling overcome by the anxiety. We are here to help.

The uncertainty that rises from an unplanned, unintended pregnancy can bring on tough questions, such as:

This guide is intended to help you learn about the three options every woman has available when facing an unplanned pregnancy. We’ll discuss the available resources for unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania, too.

Every unplanned pregnancy situation is unique. Only you know what’s right for you. You get to research your options, take advantage of available unplanned pregnancy resources, and choose a path forward that will bring you peace.

Also, you should know you’re not alone when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Adoption professionals are ready to offer unplanned pregnancy help as you consider this important decision.

Keep reading to find out more about facing an unplanned, unintended pregnancy.

What Are Your Unplanned Pregnancy Options in Pennsylvania? [Moving Forward]

First, don’t panic if you’re unexpectedly pregnant but don’t want to be. We know it can be overwhelming initially, but you can gain perspective as you learn more about your unplanned pregnancy options in Pennsylvania. Ask yourself, “What are my options if I’m pregnant and don’t want to be?” You have three options for dealing with an unplanned or undesired pregnancy: parenting, adoption and abortion.

Only you know what’s in the best interest of you and your baby. No one else shares your exact circumstances. You get to determine what will bring you peace and allow you to move forward with life. Unplanned pregnancy counseling in Pennsylvania can give you resources and advice for making the best choice, but you’re in control of your decision.

Let’s learn more about your three unplanned pregnancy options, and their pros and cons.

Option 1: Choosing to Parent in Pennsylvania

If you already have a family or feel ready to start one, unplanned pregnancy may simply mean another face in family photos. That’s why some women who find themselves dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania decide that parenting their child is the right way to go.

But, that’s not necessarily the case for expectant mothers who never planned on getting pregnant. The situation can be far more complicated for some women.

Each scenario is different, and parenting isn’t always the best choice when facing unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania. That’s why it’s good to thoroughly research your options and fully consider the impact of the choice you plan to make.

Accepting responsibility for parenting a child means you’re accepting responsibility for the care of another life. You can’t take that solemn responsibility lightly. There are challenges that come with parenting, and those challenges are magnified when you didn’t plan to carry and raise a child.

Parents aren’t always ready for the responsibility of parenting, even when a pregnancy is planned. Facing an unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania can complicate that situation.

If parenting seems like the right option for you, then you can move forward by starting or growing your family. It’s common for parents to be nervous when parenting their first child, so don’t let that hold you back. If parenting could be a viable way to deal with your unplanned pregnancy, explore your feelings and determine if you’re up to the challenge.

You should consider these factors when deciding if you should parent in an unexpected pregnancy.

Parenting may be the right choice if these statements describe your situation when facing an unplanned, unintended pregnancy in Pennsylvania. If you still aren’t 100 percent sure, it may be wise to consider your other options before making your choice. 

Deciding to parent your child is a personal decision, and each woman’s circumstances are different. If you choose to parent when facing an unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania, there are some resources that can offer valuable support.

Option 2: Choosing Adoption in Pennsylvania

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may find a path to a better future through adoption in Pennsylvania.

Do any of the following statements describe your current situation?

In any of the statements are true, adoption may offer you a way to move forward.

Adoption means placing your child in an adoptive home not long after they’re born. An adoption agency can help you find a waiting adoptive family to raise your child if you’re dealing with an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy in Pennsylvania. You’ll always be in control of your choice, and your adoption plan will guarantee your wishes are respected.

Maybe adoption sounds like the right unplanned pregnancy option for you. If so, here’s what you need to know.

“Giving Up Your Baby” Isn’t Really “Giving Up”

“Giving your child up” for adoption is anything but “giving up.” It’s actually a selfless and loving act. You make a sacrifice in the best interest of your baby, and you’re choosing to give your child their best possible future.

Women cite many reasons for choosing adoption from among the available options for dealing with unplanned pregnancies in Pennsylvania. When you choose adoption, you can take comfort in knowing your child will be raised in a stable, loving home.

You Can Choose the Adoptive Family

As a birth parent, you’re entitled to choose the prospective adoptive parents you want to raise your child.  This choice allows you to play a profound role in your child’s life. If you’re putting your child up for adoption when dealing with your unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania, you can know your child will have a life of love.

Another source of confidence when you choose adoption is the quality of prospective adoptive families. All prospective adoptive families who worked with a licensed adoption agency are thoroughly pre-screened. That ensures the hopeful parents can meet the financial, emotional, and social needs of your child. In addition, all families must undergo an adoption home study conducted by a licensed adoption agency.

Open Adoption Helps You Retain Your Bond

Through open or semi-open adoption, you have the opportunity to maintain your bond with your child even after placement in the adoptive home. Open adoptions let birth parents remain in contact with adoptive parents and the adoptee after placement. Open adoption is usually positive for many mothers facing unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania.

You May Get Adoption Financial Assistance

Carrying and delivering a child can be expensive. When you choose adoption, adoption financial assistance can help offset that cost.

You can receive adoption financial assistance if you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania. This assistance can help in covering many of your adoption expenses and medical costs.

Speak with your adoption professional about your unique situation to determine if adoption financial assistance is an option. And if you don’t have an adoption professional, but you’d like to speak with one, contact us today.

Only you can determine whether adoption is right for you when facing an unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania. Here are some things to think about:

Do these considerations resonate with you? If they do, adoption may be the most viable of the three options for unplanned pregnancy. Adoption comes with challenges, but for many birth mothers, it’s the right path to choose.

Fortunately, you can find many resources that will be helpful if you’re thinking about adoption. Below are a few agencies that help women facing unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania who are considering adoption:

Option 3: Choosing Abortion in Pennsylvania

Parenting and adoption simply aren’t options for some women dealing with unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania. Your choice can be influenced by many factors, such as:

If you’re dealing with any of these concerns, you should know you have another option when facing an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy in Pennsylvania.

That other option is abortion. Abortion is a medical procedure that removes the pregnancy tissue and the products of conception from the uterus. It’s the second-most common option for women facing an unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania, though the number of abortions in the state and nationwide is declining.

Abortions are classified into two categories: elective and therapeutic. Elective abortions are performed with the sole purpose of ending an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy in Pennsylvania. In some cases, a pregnant woman may not be able to safely carry a child and deliver due to health risks. Those pregnancies may be ended through therapeutic abortion.

Federal law guarantees a woman’s right to choose abortion, but ending an unplanned or undesired pregnancy with abortion may be complicated by restrictive laws and regulations in some states.

For example, in Pennsylvania, the following restrictions on abortion are in place:

If you choose abortion, you’ll need to locate a clinic or medical center in your area that performs abortions. In Pennsylvania there are 43 facilities that perform abortions, so make sure there’s an abortion provider near you.

Here are some of the things to think about when considering abortion following an unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania:

The emotional consequences associated with all of the options for dealing with unplanned pregnancy in Pennsylvania can be significant. Abortion is no different.

You’re the only person who can decide whether you’ll be able to live with your decision. There’s no right or wrong choice when facing an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, but always consider your options from multiple perspectives before choosing.


Next Steps for your Unplanned Pregnancy

We know an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy in Pennsylvania can turn your life upside down. Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy can be tough, but you need to know you’re not alone. Many women have found themselves in a similar position, and there is help.

There’s no reason to panic. Still your mind and ask yourself, “What are my options for unwanted pregnancy in Pennsylvania?” You’re in charge of your destiny, and you choose your path forward. You’re in control of the situation even if your unplanned pregnancy is initially upsetting.

Every unplanned pregnancy journey is different. Your circumstances are unique, and your decision is your own. Only you know what’s right for you and your child. Think about the positives and negatives associated with each option and be sure to speak with a professional for guidance and counseling on the impacts of each choice.

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