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Do You get paid for adoption in South Carolina? [Adoption Financial Assistance]

If you are a prospective birth mother that has faced an unplanned pregnancy and are considering adoption, you are not alone. Birth mothers who are considering adoption based on financial instability should know that putting your baby up for adoption is free in South Carolina.

Even if financial worries are not your main reason for considering, you can find information on financial assistance for adoption that could support you along the way.

You can qualify for financial assistance in South Carolina to receive support for various expenses throughout the process. You may wonder a few basic questions regarding the process of adoption financial assistance in South Carolina, such as:

The degree and availability of financial assistance varies from state to state. In South Carolina, you can obtain financial assistance for adoption. The process of getting financial assistance can be tricky so working with an adoption professional is important to help properly guide you through the process.

To speak with an adoption professional in South Carolina about adoption cost or other related questions, contact us here. Continue reading to find answers to questions on financial assistance for adoption.

1. Do you get paid to put your baby up for adoption in South Carolina?

The answer is no, you do not get compensation for placing a baby for adoption. According to federal and South Carolina law, the exchange of any currency for the placement of an adoption is an illegal and unethical practice.

If a form of currency is offered to you in exchange for the placement of a baby, that act is considered human trafficking and can affect the safety of you and your baby. Even though you do not get paid to place your child for adoption, there is no expense of putting your child up for adoption. This is to protect the life and safety of you and your baby.

While you cannot get paid for adoption, you can receive what is called “adoption financial assistance” in South Carolina to support necessary living expenses and medical bills. This explanation of financial assistance will be covered in more detail below.

2. What is the cost to give your baby up for adoption in South Carolina?

For any prospective birth mother in South Carolina, there is no cost to give your baby up for adoption. While you are experiencing emotional, mental and physical challenges, the burden of financial instability can be taken off your plate.

There are many costs associated with adoption and an unplanned pregnancy. Fortunately adoption agencies and adoptive families can, according to South Carolina adoption laws, can “pay an expectant mother’s necessary and actual medical expenses, as well as reasonable living expenses for the mother and child”.

To find out more about adoption financial assistance in South Carolina, contact an adoption professional today. The degree of financial support when giving baby up for adoption will vary by agency so it is important to consider the local options in South Carolina as well as nationwide agencies that can assist you.

3. Is there financial help for birth mothers giving baby up for adoption?

There is adoption financial assistance that can be given to prospective birth mothers in South Carolina, as long as it is a “necessary and reasonable expense.”

In South Carolina, the expenses have to be court approved and are given based on what you qualify for. Adoption agencies that help with living expenses include assistance on things such as:

The medical adoption financial assistance resources include:

To determine the level of financial assistance for adoption that you qualify for and what can be provided in your state, consult an adoption professional to find out what best serves you. 

4. Do adoptive families house and pay you?

Not exactly. Adoptive families do not provide compensation for giving baby up for adoption. However, if you need birth mother housing during the adoption process, you should speak with a licensed adoption professional about legal ways to do this.

Adoptive families are given the ability to help provide financial assistance for adoption based on court approval. Despite that, they are not allowed by law to provide direct payment for birth mothers as that act is seen as a form of human trafficking.

What the adoptive family can do is provide financial assistance through the adoption agency. South Carolina law allows the adoptive family to pay for actual, reasonable and necessary expenses. To receive the financial assistance for adoption, you must:

The bottom line is that while compensation for adoption is illegal, an adoption agency can help you receive the support you need during the adoption process. Read on for information on how much assistance you can receive in South Carolina.

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5. How much financial assistance for adoption can I get?

The amount of adoption financial assistance that you can receive will vary by your situation. Your adoption professional will look at factors such as:

South Carolina courts have to assess each situation individually, so it’s difficult to say exactly how much assistance you may be able to receive.

To find out, your adoption professional and lawyer will send the necessary paperwork to the court in your county. Those documents may include your pay stubs, tax documents, housing information and medical insurance documents.

Each county and state has a different level of financial assistance for adoption that they will approve. It is important to work with an adoption agency that is licensed in South Carolina. An agency that is licensed in South Carolina will give you the best opportunity at receiving the maximum amount that your state and county allows.

 Consult with an adoption professional to find more information on the restrictions in your county and state.

6. Why do birth mothers get paid for adoption in South Carolina?

Adoption is an emotional decision that involves a lot of challenges. You are probably already experiencing enough stress as it is. The last thing that an adoption agency would want is to have finances hold you back from giving life and opportunity to your baby.

You are making one of the toughest decisions of your life out of bravery, love and selflessness. The state of South Carolina allows adoption financial assistance for you during this journey to allow you to focus on the other aspects of the process. Your health as a prospective birth mother is important. Adoption law allows you to explore financial assistance for adoption to be financially free to focus on yourself and your health.

An adoption professional can navigate you through the process and eliminate your worries. If you are a prospective birth mother that is considering adoption in South Carolina and want to find information on how to begin the financial assistance for adoption process, fill out this form today.

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