Adoption in South Carolina

Open Adoption vs. Closed Adoption in South Carolina

There are two main types of adoption:

If you’re thinking about adoption for your baby, you may be curious about the difference between an open and closed adoption in South Carolina. This guide will lead you through the types of adoption, and the positives and negatives to each type.

For any further questions on open vs closed adoption or the adoption process, contact an adoption professional to find the answers you are looking for.

First let’s discuss open adoption and the benefits that it can provide to you and your child.

What is an Open Adoption in South Carolina?

An open adoption is an opportunity to maintain communication and be involved in your child’s life. You can decide the level of openness in adoption based on what’s best for you. Through the creation of an adoption plan, you can discuss your comfort level with how much you communicate with the adoptive family.

An open adoption can include communication before the adoption happens, during the adoption process as well as after the adoption has taken place. If you choose to have an open adoption in South Carolina, you will begin to exchange personal information with the adoptive family.

You can exchange phone numbers, email addresses and home addresses with the adoptive family to ensure a comfortable and open adoption plan for you.

What Are the Open Adoption Benefits?

The opportunity for a prospective birth mother to have an open adoption can have many benefits in every stage of the adoption process. The benefits of open adoption can be and are not limited to:

The many benefits of an open adoption show why almost 90% of adoptions in South Carolina are either open or semi-open adoptions.

The process of building a relationship and trusting the adoptive family is an integral part of improving your open adoption experience. Finding an adoptive family will depend on your preference in your adoption plan. It is important to know that the adoption agency you choose will determine the amount of adoptive families you have access to.

National open adoption agencies can provide you more of a diverse and expanded range of families not only in South Carolina, but all across the United States. Local adoption agencies can provide families only in South Carolina but that may be more what you are looking for.

A list of open adoption agencies below can help you inquire about the open adoption you are looking for:

Disadvantages of an Open Adoption

There are birth mothers that have found peace in an open adoption, but that does not mean it will work for every birth mother. Every birth mother is unique in their experience of their adoption.

Some birth parents find certain aspects of open adoption to be emotionally challenging. Choosing adoption is most likely one the toughest decision you will ever make. The con to open adoption, in this case, is that communication between the adoptive family and the child may remind you of negative feelings through the process. Mothers who do not want to experience this may choose to have a closed adoption.

To learn more about the pros and cons of open adoption, follow this link. If you have more questions or want to explain your desired adoption plan today, contact an adoption professional.

What is a Closed Adoption in South Carolina?

A closed adoption is an adoption structure that maintains privacy for the birth parent and the adoptive family.

Many of the adoptions that take place today are open adoptions, but for some the emotional hardship has led them towards a closed adoption. While most families are pursuing semi-open to open adoption, the adoptive families that search for a closed adoption are limited.

If a closed adoption is what you feel is best for you, the benefits are:

You are the only one that can decide her adoption structure. If you were to choose a closed adoption, you may be limited by some of the disadvantages.

For example, you won’t receive any communication or contact from the adoptive family. You will also forfeit the possibility of pictures and updates on your baby throughout their lifetime. 

The adoptive family and adoptee also face disadvantages if you choose a closed adoption. The adoptive family will have tough time obtaining information such as medical records and history to provide for the child’s needs. The child may one day desire to meet you, and will have a tough time doing so based on the limited information that is provided in a closed adoption. 

If you are in the middle of the choices of an open and closed adoption, there is hope. A third adoption structure exercises a hybrid of the two called a semi-open adoption

Semi-Open Adoption in South Carolina

A semi-open adoption is a process where the birth mother and adoptive family exchange updates and communicate through their adoption agency. The adoption agency mediates the contact so there is no direct contact between the birth mother and the adoptive family. This allows you to maintain your privacy while still receiving pictures, letters and updates on her baby.

Semi-open adoption varies from an open adoption by the level of contact between the adoptive family and birth mother. In an open adoption, the birth mother and adoptive family are well aware of the personal information of the other party and can setup a meeting by direct communication. The semi-open adoption option is more restricted. The contact has to be mediated by the adoption professional and contact options are not made available to either side.

Additional information on the semi-open adoption process can be found here. If you are a birth mother that wants to maintain your privacy while still receiving periodic updates, a semi-open adoption may be the best option for you.

Choosing an Adoption Option for You

Only you can decide which adoption structure is the best for you and your baby. As times have gone on, as much as 95% of adoptions are either open or semi-open adoptions. Adoption is a selfless act of love that provides the adoptive family an opportunity to give your child a life they deserve. There is nothing more a family would want than to share the experiences of your child with you.

This is your adoption and you are in the driver’s seat. If you have found an adoption structure that is best for you, there is a family out there that can accommodate your needs. To start your adoption process planning or to speak with an adoption professional today follow this link.

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