Adoption in South Carolina

Unplanned Pregnancy in South Carolina [Options for you]

An unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming, difficult and emotional. You may be wondering what to do when you have an unplanned pregnancy. The first thing to do is to breathe and know that you have options for pregnancy in South Carolina.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy in South Carolina you have three options that will be explained in detail below. Your three unplanned pregnancy options in South Carolina are:

Unplanned Pregnancy Option 1: Parenting

The first option you have in an unplanned pregnancy in South Carolina is to parent the child. The parenting process may prove to be the best option for you. Becoming a parent can be a life-changing experience, giving you a sense of love and purpose you never knew before. But, parenting isn’t for everyone.

As a prospective birth mother, it is important to consider a few things before deciding that parenting is the best of your pregnancy options:

At any stage of your life, taking care of a baby is difficult. But, many people have been in your shoes and have taken on the challenge of parenting. 

While your situation may be an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, there is plenty of assistance available if parenting option for you. The following unplanned pregnancy resources are available in your state:

There are two alternative pregnancy options available in South Carolina to consider below in your research of unplanned pregnancy options in South Carolina.

Unplanned Pregnancy Option 2: Adoption

Another unplanned pregnancy option is adoption. Adoption allows the birth mother the freedom to carry the child to term, but then place them for adoption with a waiting family.

If you are a mother facing an unplanned pregnancy in South Carolina, you may be thinking about adoption for a variety of reasons:

If you are considering adoption for your unplanned pregnancy, you should know that you are not “giving up.” Adoption is a selfless, loving and brave act that gives your baby an opportunity to live their life with a loving family. Many birth mothers can find peace in adoption as they get to decide what life they want their baby to live.

In every stage of the adoption process, you get to personalize your experience.  You are given the option to choose between hundreds of different adoptive families. The adoption agency you choose can allow for greater pregnancy adoption options by giving you more families to choose between. National adoption agencies will provide you a greater chance at finding the family you desire.

If you are considering adoption as your unplanned pregnancy option in South Carolina, here are some helpful adoption agencies that work in your state:

Adoption as an unplanned pregnancy option in South Carolina can provide additional benefits that may be applicable to you. Placing your baby for adoption does not cost you any money and you may be able to receive financial assistance for adoption. Financial assistance for adoption can help you focus on staying healthy and happy rather than worrying about money during your unplanned pregnancy.

For women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy in South Carolina, choosing adoption is not a “goodbye.” In South Carolina, your pregnancy adoption options can allow you to decide if you want to have an open or semi-open adoption. An open adoption means you can stay connected with your child and receive updates via email, text or even face-to-face visits, if that is what you desire.

Only you as the prospective birth mother can decide what is best for your unplanned pregnancy. This is about your life and what you feel is best for your child’s life.

If you would like more information about financial assistance or how the adoption process works contact an adoption professional today.

Unplanned Pregnancy Option 3: Abortion

The third option to consider if you are a facing an unplanned unintended pregnancy is abortion.

An unplanned pregnancy can bring many complicated situations; that could be financial instability, lack of peer support, career complications and physical and emotional challenges. Abortion is different from the other options of pregnancy in that you do not have to carry the baby to term.

The process of abortion is a medical procedure that involves the selective removal of an embryo or a fetus from the woman by a licensed medical physician. However, there are restrictions on the abortion process in South Carolina. Some of those restrictions include:

For any other restrictions and the South Carolina abortion procedure laws, follow this link.

When you are dealing with an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy in South Carolina, you could be considering abortion for a variety of reasons.

In whatever case you find yourself, there are unplanned pregnancy helplines that can help you find the guidance you are looking for.

If you decide that abortion is for you, there are counseling services that can help you through this lifelong unplanned pregnancy decision. There are a few counseling agencies in South Carolina listed below that can help:

Finding Resources for an Unplanned Pregnancy in South Carolina

The three options to consider when facing an unplanned pregnancy all have their own intricacies. The best option in your process is to find resources and support groups that can help you.

No matter which unplanned pregnancy pathway you want to take, there are groups to support you. You can find your support group in three easy steps.

  1. Decide what unplanned pregnancy options you want to consider
  2. Reach out by email, text or in person to inquire about their support groups
  3. Setup a time for you to meet and go as little or as much as you want

A support group can provide experienced feedback from professionals and current situation comparison of other expecting mothers that are in the same unplanned pregnancy situation that you are.

The types of support groups and resources that are important to consider are:

Choosing Your Unplanned Pregnancy Option

The process of coming to a decision on what your unplanned pregnancy option should be on your own time. The decision you make will be the best for your life and your child. It may be a whirlwind of emotions, but your pregnancy options are not limited. Each option should be individually considered on the pros and the cons to determine an outcome you will be comfortable with. If you are struggling with making your decision or you desire to learn more information, contact a professional today that help you navigate your questions and options for pregnancy.

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