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Learn About Open Adoption Vs. Closed Adoption in Wisconsin

You may decide that adoption is best for you and your child, and an open adoption in Wisconsin can make your adoption experience even more beneficial.

In the U.S., 90% of all adoptions are open adoptions and here are just a few examples of benefits that come with open adoption: 

As you can see, when you choose to communicate with your child and their adoptive family through open adoption, everyone involved can have the best possible adoption experience. Contact an adoption professional online at any time to begin your open adoption in Wisconsin or if you have more open adoption questions.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of your questions about open adoption vs. closed adoption in Wisconsin. 

What Does an Open Adoption Mean in Wisconsin? 

When you choose to exchange contact information with your child’s adoptive parents this is known as open adoption in Wisconsin. 

When you create your communication plan for an open adoption, you can share information like phone numbers, email addresses and home addresses for phone calls, video chats and sending letters or gifts in the mail. However, you don’t have to share all your information if you prefer to only have phone calls, for example.

Here are some reasons that you may share your contact information in an open adoption in Wisconsin. 

  1. Share important information 
  2. Ask each other questions 
  3. Build trust with your baby’s adoptive parents 
  4. Adoptive parents can be prepared to give your child the opportunities that you want for them 
  5. Give your child a connection to their heritage 
  6. You and your child’s adoptive parents can talk to your child together when they have questions about adoption
  7. Your child’s adoptive parents want to get to know you, too 

It is important to know that your open adoption communication plan is an informal agreement between you and your child’s adoptive parents. Your adoption specialist will include your communication plan in your adoption plan, and they can help you if there are any issues with your open adoption communication plan in the future. 

How Does an Open Adoption Work in Wisconsin? 

The open adoption process can be simple and straightforward when you work with the right open adoption agency.

There are three basic steps to the open adoption process: 

Step 1: Know that open adoption right for you and talk to your adoption specialist and let them know that you’re considering an open adoption.

Step 2: View adoptive family profiles and choose your baby’s perfect parents. 

Step 3: When you have an adoption match, get help scheduling a time to talk to your child’s hopeful adoptive parents, or maybe even meet them in person.

Keep in mind that you can still have an open adoption even if the adoptive parents that you choose for your baby live in another state. Your adoption specialist will coordinate travel arrangements for the hopeful adoptive parents to travel to you — you don’t ever have to worry about traveling when you agree to meet your child’s adoptive family in person. 

Adoption agencies can have local matching services or national matching services to help you learn about adoptive families in Wisconsin or anywhere in the U.S. You don’t have to meet in person or talk on the phone to have an open adoption.

If communication by email updates is all that you need to have peace of mind in your child’s health and happiness, that’s OK. Once you and your child’s adoptive parents agree on a communication plan, then your open adoption can continue happily for many years.  

Open vs. Closed Adoption in Wisconsin 

The difference between open and closed adoption in Wisconsin is whether or not you choose to share your personal contact information with your child’s adoptive parents.

There are three types of adoption communication:

It’s not a bad decision to choose a closed adoption if you believe that this option is best for you. When you choose closed adoption, you still get to choose your child’s adoptive parents. After adoption placement, in a closed adoption, you can still get support and counseling from your adoption agency, but you won’t receive any updates about your child.

Some birth parents want the space that closed adoption provides, and that’s OK. You won’t develop a relationship with your child and their adoptive family, and this is what some birth parents need to cope with adoption and move on with their lives.

If you have more questions about open adoption vs. closed adoption, you can contact us online today to be connected with an adoption professional.

Open Adoption Agencies in Wisconsin 

If you know that open adoption is right for you, then you can benefit from working with an open adoption agency. These agencies work with hopeful adoptive parents and prospective birth parents who want an open adoption. 

You can contact the following open adoption agencies in Wisconsin to learn more about their services:

Open adoption agencies in Wisconsin understand that communication throughout the adoption process can create the best possible adoption experience for you, your child’s adoptive parents and your child. Adoption is always about what is best for your child’s future and open adoption has been proven to be the best way to provide your child with the opportunity to understand their identity as an adoptee.

Open adoption is so widely chosen because of its many benefits. There are no limits to your open adoption communication plan, only what you and your child’s adoptive parents are comfortable with. 

If you’re having trouble coping with adoption grief and loss after an open adoption in Wisconsin, you can benefit from speaking with your adoption specialist to get the help that you need. This happens very rarely, but if you are unsatisfied or disappointed with your open adoption communication plan in any way, it is best to talk to your adoption specialist.

You can contact an adoption professional online today to learn more about open adoption in Wisconsin.

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