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Is It Too Late to Put My 10-Month-Old up for Adoption?

If you want to place a 10-month-old for adoption, then you will not be alone on your adoption journey. Older child adoptions are common, and plenty of women have been in your shoes.

When you decide to put a 10-month-old up for adoption, you should connect with an adoption agency to receive the necessary information and services to complete the adoption.

Is It Too Late to Put My 10-Month-Old up for Adoption?

No. You can place a 10-month-old for adoption just like you can at almost any age. When you’re considering adoption, you are never “giving up” on your child. The choice of adoption is one of love and the desire to give your child an opportunity to grow and develop. 

What Are Reasons for Putting a Child up for Adoption?

There are many reasons why a birth mother decides she can no longer parent. And, although adoption isn’t best for everyone, it might be the right choice for yourself and your baby because you can give them an opportunity for a better future.

Here are four reasons why some women would place a 10-month-old for adoption:

1. Parenting Is Expensive

There are the expected costs like food, clothing and shelter, but, of course, unexpected costs always arise. Especially if you are raising a child by yourself, it can be difficult to parent and work at the same time. 

2. A Two-Parent Household Is Ideal

Every birth parent has a unique relationship with the birth father. But, sometimes the father is not in their life anymore. We hope that they’re supportive and involved in your baby’s life, but that isn’t always the case. 

3. There Are Dreams outside of Parenting

Parenting can be a wonderful, rewarding experience. But, if you’re trying to go back to school and raise a child at the same time, it can feel like an impossible challenge. Many women place a 10-month-old for adoption to fulfill their dreams at a career or an education they’ve always wanted. 

4. There Is Little Support from Family and Friends

Like the birth father, we hope that everyone in your life is supportive of you choosing to parent. But, sometimes, help can be hard to come by. If you’re in a situation where you feel alone with no one to help you, then adoption might be the best decision for you and your baby. Your birth parent specialist can be the support you need.

You are never alone. Regardless of your reasons for not parenting, remember that adoption is an option for you. Connect with an adoption agency today to receive the support and counseling you need.

How Can I Place a 10-Month-Old for Adoption? 

Although there are slight differences, the bottom line is you can place a 10-month-old for adoption.

In addition to these steps, your adoption specialist will ask you to provide or help them gather other important documents and information, such as:

Completing the adoption process for a 10-month-old is possible with the help of the right adoption agency.

With the full range of support and services through an adoption agency, you can do what’s best for your baby and yourself. When parenting is no longer an option, they can help you create an adoption plan and find a hopeful adoptive family that will give your child a loving, nurturing home.

What Kind of Help Can I Receive to Place a 10-month-Old for Adoption? 

Even when you place a 10-month-old for adoption, you’ll receive many of the same services as you would for a newborn adoption. Free legal representation and 24/7 access to counseling and educational resources are just a couple ways an adoption agency can support you.

If you have any questions about the services available to you when you put your 10-month-old up for adoption, then contact an adoption agency today. 

Am I Ready to Place a 10-Month-Old for Adoption?  

If you are ready to start the adoption process for your 10-month-old, then you can get free information now when you contact an adoption agency today.

Ready to get started? Contact an adoption agency now to get free information.

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