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Is It Too Late to Put My 3-Month-Old up for Adoption?

Deciding that you’re not ready to parent takes a lot of courage and strength. But you’re making the decision to put your baby’s needs first. Although adoption can be a hard choice, it will create a brighter future for yourself and your baby.  

With our help, you’ll be able to go through the process with complete confidence, knowing your baby will be loved unconditionally by two hopeful adoptive parents.

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Is It Too Late to Put My 3-Month-Old up for Adoption?

No, it is never too late to put your 3-month-old up for adoption. You still have plenty of time to create an adoption plan, receive financial assistance, find a family and much more. The free services and support from an adoption agency can help you do all of this.

How Much Does It Cost to Put My 3-Month-Old up for Adoption?

Any services and support you receive from an adoption agency will always be free. In fact, you can also receive adoption financial assistance to cover any adoption-related expenses. Although you technically can’t be paid to place a 3-month-old for adoption, the financial support ensures you have everything you need to live a safe and supported lifestyle. In other words, adoption is always free for you.

Birth mother Sarah reflects on how financial assistance made the process much less stressful. This support allowed her to focus on the more important steps of the adoption process.

“It really made a huge difference in my life and made the whole process so much less stressful,” Sarah said. “Any time I had a medical bill, all I had to do was scan it in and send it over. I was extremely grateful to have everything taken care of. Having help was critical in me being able to do it stress-free.”

How Long after Having a Baby Can You Give It up for Adoption?

You can place your baby up for adoption at any time. Adoption is still an option whether you just had your baby or have been parenting for months. Your adoption agency will help you create an adoption plan based on your unique situation.

When you put your 3-month-old up for adoption, you’ll be connected with a trusted birth parent specialist who will walk you through the ins and outs of the adoption process. They will be your No. 1 supporter, ensuring you’re comfortable throughout every step.

How to Put Your 3-Month-Old up for Adoption [5 Steps]

No adoption journey will look the same. The process of giving your 3-month-old up for adoption will vary depending on your unique situation. Once your birth parent specialist learns more about your circumstances, you’ll begin the adoption process, which consists of five steps:

Step 1: Choose an Adoptive Family

You probably have an idea of the type of family you want to adopt your baby. Maybe you’ve imagined your baby growing up in the suburbs, city or somewhere in the country. The beauty of adoption is that you are in complete control of the process, including choosing the best family for your baby.

Whatever lifestyle you’ve envisioned for your baby, your birth parent specialist will help guide you toward the perfect match.

Step 2: Determine the Type of Adoption Relationship You Want

Giving your 3-month-old up for adoption doesn’t mean saying goodbye forever. Instead, it means the beginning of a new relationship for yourself, your baby and the adoptive family. Through open adoption, you’ll have open lines of communication and involvement with the adoptive family you choose.

Most open adoption relationships revolve around:

Step 3: Receive Financial Assistance

When you put your 3-month-old up for adoption, you’ll receive financial assistance that will help with various living expenses, such as:

Each state has its own laws on how much financial assistance you can receive, so make sure to contact your birth parent specialist if you have any questions.

Step 4: Complete Adoption Paperwork

The idea of adoption paperwork can seem intimidating, but your birth parent specialist will walk you through the entire process. They’ll be there to answer any questions you may have so that you can fill out these forms with complete confidence.

Before you can officially put your 3-month-old up for adoption, you must sign your consent for adoption. Typically, there’s a waiting period, most often between one and three days, before you can sign these papers.

There is a revocation period where you can change your mind after signing the consent forms, though the amount of time you have depends on your state of residence.

Step 5: Adjust to Life Post-Placement

Life after adoption can be filled with endless opportunities. You can continue to pursue any goals and dreams you may have had, whether that’s continuing your education or applying for your dream job. Adoption lets you take back the reins of your life when it feels out of control.

You’ll be able to thrive knowing that your baby will always be taken care of by two loving adoptive parents. Your life doesn’t end because you chose adoption. Instead, it’s the beginning of a new chapter where you can dream big about what the future holds.

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