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Is It Too Late to Put My 7-Month-Old up for Adoption?

Putting a child up for adoption at any age can be a difficult decision. But, this selfless choice could also be the best one for you and your child.

When you decide to place a 7-month-old for adoption, then you should connect with an adoption agency to begin your journey through the adoption process.

Is It Too Late to Put My 7-Month-Old up for Adoption?

Whether your child is a week, a month or 7 months old, adoption is always an option for you. When you place a 7-month-old for adoption, you are giving them and yourself an opportunity for the best possible future and giving a hopeful adoptive family the chance to grow. 

Everyone has their own reasons for choosing adoption, but, ultimately, this decision is yours to make. You can still make an adoption plan for your 7-month-old.  

It may be that your circumstances don’t allow for parenting. And that’s OK! You aren’t the first, nor are you the last pregnant mother to place a 7-month-old for adoption.  

There’s plenty to consider before you create an adoption plan. Where and how to put your 7-month-old up for adoption is crucial. Before you get started, discover how the adoption process works and how a birth parent specialist with a trusted adoption agency can help you find the perfect family for your child.

Where Can I Put My 7-Month-Old up for Adoption? 

There are many private domestic adoption agencies that have the necessary services to complete your adoption. When you work with an adoption agency to place a 7-month-old for adoption, you will receive financial assistance for pregnancy- and adoption-related living expenses.

Below are some reputable national adoption agencies you can contact today:

How Do I Put My 7-Month-Old up for Adoption?

Even though you’ll place a 7-month-old for adoption, you’ll start the adoption process just like every pregnant woman considering adoption. When you contact an adoption agency, you’ll connect with a birth parent specialist who will provide you with the information you need.

Once you start your relationship with an adoption agency, you’ll also receive:

From there, you will complete three vital steps when giving your 7-month-old up for adoption: 

Step 1: Choose an Adoptive Family

Your birth parent specialist will ask you to fill out social and medical history forms for yourself and your child and a form explaining your preferences in an adoptive family.

For an adoption of a 7-month-old, there will be some additional information and documents you’ll need to provide before you can move forward with the process. This will typically include: 

Once your adoption specialist has received all your forms, they will show you adoptive family profiles that match your preferences when you place a 7-month-old for adoption.

A national adoption agency has a larger reach and works with hopeful families from across the nation.

Once you’ve found the right family for your baby, you’ll start getting to know them (if you choose). The first call will be mediated with your adoption specialist, but, after that, you can have as much contact with them as you’d like. You can get to know each other through:

Step 2: Make a Plan for Your Continued Relationship

Next, you’ll establish the amount of contact you’d like to have after the adoption.

If you’d like to have plenty of contact with your child after the adoption, then your birth parent specialist will help you find a family that has the same goals for adoption as you do. 

Step 3: Legally Place Your Baby for Adoption

Lastly, you’ll need to consent to the adoption. Your adoption specialist and adoption attorney will help explain your legal rights when you place a 7-month-old for adoption before you sign the necessary paperwork. 

Adoption agencies have staffs with years, if not decades, of experience helping birth parents complete an adoption. They will make sure your adoption journey is safe, legal and filled with hope for a better future for everyone involved, especially your child. 

Is Putting My 7-Month-Old up for Adoption “Giving Up?” 

Although parenting can be a rewarding experience, it can also be challenging. You shouldn’t consider adoption as “giving up.” Birth parents make the hard choice of adoption for their children every day because they love them and want them to have the best future imaginable. 

No matter the circumstances, you are not a bad parent. In fact, thinking about adoption means that you want only the best for your child, making you a wonderful parent. 

Am I Ready to Place a 7-Month-Old for Adoption?  

It’s never too late to place a 7-month-old for adoption. You can contact an adoption agency today with questions about what information and documentation you’ll need to put a 7-month-old up for adoption. They are ready to help you complete your selfless choice of adoption.

Ready to get started? Contact an adoption agency now to get free information.

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