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Can a Person Change Their Mind about Adoption?

Many women considering adoption experience moments of doubt before and after they’ve given birth. But, your adoption decision becomes permanent only when:

So, you do have time to reconsider adoption if you choose to parent instead. However, this choice should not be made lightly.

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Can a Person Change Their Mind about Adoption?

Once an adoption is finalized, it’s very difficult to reverse the decision. Most states have laws that make it impossible to reverse an adoption once it’s finalized. But, you can change your mind before the adoption revocation period is completed.

The courts and adoption agencies want to ensure that the best interests of the child are always the top priority.

But, there are some circumstances in which you can change your mind about adoption. If the adoption is still in process, then you can revoke your consent to the adoption. This is known as an “adoption revocation of consent,” and it must be done within a certain timeframe consistent with your state’s laws.

To get more information about the adoption revocation period, contact an adoption agency today. For immediate assistance, you can call a 24-hour hotline, such as 1-800-ADOPTION. You’ll get the help you need when exploring your options and beginning the legal process to an adoption revocation, if you decide that is what you need to do.

How Long Does a Mother Have to Change Her Mind about Adoption?

Most states require a minimum waiting period before you can complete the adoption paperwork. This can range from 12 hours to several days after birth. After your waiting period passes, you may sign the adoption paperwork whenever you are ready.

These waiting periods are designed to:

Your adoption specialist or adoption attorney will ensure you understand the legal consent process when it’s time to sign these forms.

What Are the Emotions of Adoption Revocation?

An adoption revocation can be emotionally difficult. It will end the relationship you’ve had with the hopeful adoptive parents. Also, for the waiting family, a revocation can be emotionally devastating and financially draining when they’ve invested much of their time and money into the process.

Randi, a birth mother, placed her daughter, Gethey, up for adoption and remembers how emotional this time was for her. She took her time before making her decision, using it as an opportunity to spend precious time with her baby.

“I asked to have an hour alone [with her] before I actually signed the papers,” Randi said. “I pretty much just stared at her the whole time… It was heartbreaking, but there was never a time that I didn’t feel like it felt right.”

Also, changing your mind about adoption can confuse and upset the child involved, especially if you choose adoption later in their life. If the child has already been placed with the adoptive parents, then removing them from that home can be traumatic and disruptive to their development.

Why Might You Consider Wanting Your Baby Back?

If you’re considering an adoption revocation, then talk with your adoption specialist or legal counsel. This is a life-changing decision that should not be made lightly. They can help you determine whether you are just experiencing a normal moment of difficulty, or whether adoption truly is not the right choice for you.


Although it’s possible for you to change your mind about adoption in certain circumstances, it’s crucial that you carefully consider the implications of an adoption revocation.

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