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Why Did You Give Your Child up for Adoption?

The decision to give your child up for adoption is never easy. It’s often filled with complex emotions. But it’s a selfless act of love that can provide a brighter future for yourself and your child.

From providing stability and security for your child to giving you a chance to pursue your goals, adoption can be a beautiful choice that changes your life for the better.

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Why Did You Give Your Child up for Adoption?

The reasons why birth mothers choose to give their child up for adoption are often personal and complex. Some may feel unprepared to provide the type of care they want for their child while others may be facing financial challenges that would make parenting difficult.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to recognize that choosing adoption is made out of love and care for your child. For birth mother Tonya, adoption was one of the best things she could have done for her baby. Although the decision was difficult, she wanted to give her baby girl the best life possible.

“When I handed my little girl over to her new mom, I didn’t have any second thoughts. I knew I was doing what was best for the both of us,” Tonya said. “I knew deep down that she was going to have so many opportunities in life that I couldn’t have provided. I encourage any young woman to not look over adoption as an option because it might just be the best decision you’ve ever made.”

What Are the Benefits of Putting a Child up for Adoption?

There are several benefits for birth mothers who give their child up for adoption. You’ll be able to watch your child grow up in a stable and loving environment with two loving adoptive parents. Through adoption, you can provide your baby with a life full of opportunities.

Giving your baby up for adoption can provide peace of mind knowing your child is in a safe, loving home. At 21, birth mother Katie found she wasn’t in the best situation to care for her baby. So, with the help of her OB-GYN, she chose to give her baby up for adoption to give them the life they deserve.

“I was 21 at the time, and I was struggling in every way imaginable and couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to give my child the love and needs he deserves,” Katie said. “It was the most difficult decision I have ever made in my life, but I’ve always known it was the right decision.”

Why Do Birth Mothers Choose Adoption?

Birth mothers choose adoption for a variety of reasons. From financial reasons to lack of support, no situation is the same. The reasons to give your baby up for adoption are deeply personal and unique. No matter what, adoption will still be an option for you.

Below are three birth mother stories on why they gave their baby up for adoption.

1. Abigail’s adoption story: “I wanted a baby on my own terms.”

As a single 19-year-old, Abigail discovered her pregnancy and knew she wasn’t ready. This wasn’t how she wanted to have a baby. After much thought, Abigail knew she wanted to give her baby up for adoption.

“I wanted a baby on my terms and on my time. That time hadn’t come yet,” Abigail said. “I knew right then that this wasn’t my baby. This baby was going to make someone else’s family whole.”

After connecting with her adoption specialist, she was sent adoptive profiles and found the perfect family for her baby. They spent some time getting to know each other before the time came for Abigail to be induced. Thinking back on her experience, Abigail will always be grateful for the adoptive family.

“Spending so much time with them made my decision that much easier. I can’t think of two people I would rather have done this for,” she said. “I chose a family who will give everything that I’m unable to give right now, along with all of the love and support I could ever want for him.”

2. Kariane’s adoption story: “I wanted to give my baby more.”

Kariane spent months figuring out what to do about pregnancy. As time passed, she started thinking about her options. That’s when she made the selfless decision to give her baby up for adoption.

“Would he be happy and content with me raising him as a single mom? Sure, because he wouldn’t know how it would be to have both a mom and dad raise him,” Kariane said. “But would I feel that I had done everything I could for him? No, I wouldn’t.”

When Kariane first learned about her pregnancy, she wanted her baby to have the best life possible. By choosing adoption, she knew her baby would grow up with two loving parents.

“Putting my baby up for adoption was the best way I could give him everything I wanted for him. I don’t feel that I actually gave him up. I feel that I have given him more,” she said. “He now has two mommies and a daddy that love him with all their hearts.”

3. Angela’s adoption story: “My baby will have a better life.”

Angela had just turned 30 when she found out she was pregnant. As a single parent with three kids to care for, she knew she didn’t have the means to care for another child. Angela started researching her options and decided to give her child up for adoption.

“I knew I would not be physically, emotionally or financially able to support yet another child. So I started searching the web for other options,” Angela said. “I got a wonderful caseworker who was able to understand my thoughts and feelings and who didn’t judge me for choosing to place my daughter up for adoption.”

Once Angela found the right family for her baby, she was nervous about meeting them. But, after multiple visits, she started to get more comfortable. To this day, Angela stays in contact with the adoptive parents once a month through email and will never regret her decision to give her baby the best life possible. “This was very much their baby from the beginning; from the minute I chose them, I began to think of them as my baby’s parents,” she said. “I still feel to this day that I made the right decision. I still love my baby, but I know that she will always have a better life with someone who can take better care of her than I could have.”

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