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After You Put Your Child up for Adoption, Can You Get Them Back?

The decision to place a child for adoption is one of the most difficult choices you can make. Whether because of financial constraints, medical issues or personal circumstances, the choice to give up a child for adoption isn’t easy.

But, for some parents, the question of how to get a child back after adoption may arise. Once you have placed a child for adoption and the revocation period has passed, the adoption is final.

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After You Put Your Child up for Adoption, Can You Get Them Back?

In the best interest of the baby, once the revocation period passes, there is no way for you to reclaim your child or your parental rights. That’s why it’s so crucial that you know you’re ready to place your baby for adoption.

You willhave opportunities to change your mind and end your adoption process at any point during your pregnancy or before the revocation period ends if you regret adoption. And, you’ll have your birth parent specialist by your side every step of the way to answer your questions and counsel you through any uncertainty.

Each state has its own adoption laws for birth mother rights that detail when she must sign her consent to the adoption. Normally, it can be anywhere between one to three days after birth.

Even if you are certain that adoption is right for you at every other point in your journey, you still need time to reflect on your decision after delivery. This experience is a long, emotional process, and it’s normal for feelings to change that may cause you to regret adoption.

Once the waiting period passes, you can sign the consent to adoption when you’re ready. At that time, your birth parent specialist and adoption attorney will go over your legal rights for adoption and the consent process to ensure that you understand everything before terminating your parental rights.

No matter what your final decision ends up being, you’re the only one who has the right to make it. When you place your baby for adoption, no one else can adopt them without your explicit consent.

Can a Biological Parent Regain Custody after Adoption?

No, you cannot regain custody after and adoption is final. When you regret adoption, regaining custody of your child is not possible. The best thing for you to do is seek out counseling for the difficult emotions you are experiencing.

How Do You Stay Connected with Your Child after Adoption?

When you regret adoption but cannot reverse it, there are ways you can stay in your child’s life. It may be more beneficial for you to focus on maintaining a relationship with them through open or semi-open adoption or visitation agreements.

Through these types of open adoption, you can be a part of every big milestone your child accomplishes. And, you can stay in touch through:

“I definitely wanted to be able to see my child grow and progress and just kind of be a part of different milestones in her life if possible,” Colleen, a birth mother, said. “It’s a really special opportunity to be able to have a bigger family and be able to share that with many people.”

Most people who choose adoption receive updates on their child for at least 18 years.  Some even plan personal visits once per year if not more.

Will I Regret Adoption?

Knowing how to get a child back after adoption but already having signed the consent paperwork can be a difficult time. Adoption is an emotional journey that will have days where you are feeling grief, sadness and regret about adoption.

But, it can also be the best choice for your future and for your child. Through adoption, you are making the brave choice to give your child a loving family. Even though it is hard, many birth mothers know that it is also right.

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