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What Is It Called When You Give up Your Child?

For many birth mothers, providing their child with a life of love and opportunity is the top priority. Whether you are about to deliver your baby, have already given birth or have just brought your baby home, adoption is still an option.

Choosing adoption for your baby can create a better future for yourself and your child. During a time when the world may feel off balance, adoption lets you regain control of your life.

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What Is It Called When You Give up Your Child?

“Giving up” your child means pursuing adoption through an agency. But you’re not “giving up” on your child. You’re choosing to give them the life they deserve. An adoption agency will help you make an adoption plan, receive financial assistance, and more.

How Can I Give up My Child?

If you’re wondering what to do if you don’t want your child anymore, then there are five steps you can take to begin the adoption process:

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Can You Just Give Your Kid Up?

Yes, you can always contact an adoption agency and connect with a birth parent specialist. They’ll help you create a personalized adoption plan, letting you take back control of your life. Every decision in the adoption process starts with you.

Here are several things you can do to help make your decision:

Birth mother Angelica reflects on how her birth parent specialist supported every decision she made throughout the adoption process.

“You could tell they weren’t just putting on a front to make you want to do it or push you into it,” she said. “They want whatever you want, and that’s what they told me during the whole process. It wasn’t up to them; they were just going to be there for me no matter what decision I made.”

Can You Give Your Child up at Any Age?

Although there is no age limit to placing your child for adoption, most adoption agencies will usually work with children under 4. If your child is older, then consider contacting a social services department where state-funded resources may be available.

They may be able to provide financial support in health care, jobs, affordable housing and more. You could also consider temporary guardianship with a family member or close friend. They’ll temporarily care for your child until you feel ready to bring your child back into your home.

Does Putting a Child up for Adoption Cost?

Putting a child up for adoption is always free. When you place your child for adoption, you will receive free services from an adoption agency and be eligible for adoption financial assistance. Although each state has its own laws about how much financial assistance you can receive, you can get help with expenses such as:

The free support from an adoption agency lets you regain control of your situation, ensuring you have the resources needed to live a safe and supported lifestyle.

According to American Adoptions, a licensed national adoption agency, adoption financial assistance lets you work toward your lifelong goals while giving your baby the best life possible.

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