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How Hard Is It to Give a Baby up for Adoption?

3 Myths about Placing a Child for Adoption

The adoption process can be an emotional journey for everyone involved. For a pregnant woman considering adoption, it may feel like you’re “giving up” a child, but you’re really giving someone a family.

You will have constant support and guidance through every step of putting a baby up for adoption. From the hopeful adoptive family you choose to the adoption agency you work with, there are so many people ready to help you complete your adoption.

Connect with an adoption agency today to get the necessary resources for giving your baby up for adoption.

How Hard Is It to Give a Baby up for Adoption?

The steps you take when putting a baby up for adoption will be straightforward and on your own terms. You are in complete control of the entire process. But, choosing adoption is a difficult yet selfless decision that can give your child an opportunity at a bright future.

With the help of an adoption professional, you’ll go through five basic steps when putting your baby up for adoption:

The emotions you may experience during these steps can vary day to day.  The combination of feelings many women express when they’re putting a child up for adoption are:

But, you will never have to go through this emotional journey on your own. If you’re ready to learn more about the adoption process and how to give a baby up for adoption, then you can connect with an adoption agency today.

What Are Common Myths about Giving Your Baby up for Adoption?

Putting a baby up for adoption isn’t as easy as signing a piece of paper. The women who choose this path don’t do so lightly. When you are considering adoption, you may spend months thinking about your options, only deciding on adoption when you’re ready.

Myth 1: Putting a Baby up for Adoption Is Bad for the Child

Adoption gives your child a chance at a life they deserve and to grow up in a loving, caring family.

As a parent, you want only what’s best for your child. But, you may be unable to provide that at this point in your life. When you’re giving your baby up for adoption, you get to choose:

You can still be a part of your child’s life when you’re in an open adoption relationship. Your child can grow up knowing why they were adopted and how much you love them.

Myth 2: Giving Your Baby up for Adoption Is Wrong

Just as you have the right to parent, you can also place your child for adoption. And, if you decide during the adoption process that you want to parent your child, you can change your mind before signing your consent papers.

This choice is up to you. There’s nothing “bad” about giving your child up for adoption if you’ve seriously thought through your options and decide on this path.

Chauniece is a brave birth mother who chose adoption to give her daughter a life full of love and opportunities. She was also determined to be the birth mother her daughter deserved.

“I have to strive for greatness and become the best version of myself,” Chauniece said. “When the time comes for my child to know who I am, I want her to be proud of who I have become. I want her to know that I made this difficult decision for the both of us and that my sacrifice was not in vain.”

Myth 3: Birth Mothers are “Giving Up” Their Children

Women who consider adoption for their children are not “giving up” on them. There are various circumstances that would lead someone to consider adoption.

You choose adoption out of love for your child. As painful as it is, you are making the best choice for yourself and for your baby.

“At first, I wanted a closed adoption because I couldn’t bear the thought of not having the tools that [my daughter] would need to be cared for,” Jessica, a birth mother, said. “At the end of the pregnancy and having her, I decided to continue to check on her.”

Do You Get Paid to Give Your Baby up for Adoption?

No. Receiving payment outside of pregnancy- and adoption-related living expenses is illegal when giving your baby up for adoption. But, adoption is always free for you because there is adoption financial assistance available when you work with a reliable adoption agency.

Each state has its own laws about adoption financial assistance, but you can typically receive financial help like:

If you’re considering adoption because you are not financially equipped to support your child, then you are making a brave, selfless decision. Connect with an adoption agency today to receive more information about financial assistance.

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