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Can I Leave My Baby at the Hospital If I Don’t Want Them?

If you have just given birth and decided parenting isn’t for you, then leaving a baby at the hospital can be an option for you.

But, the best alternative to leaving a baby at the hospital is to contact an adoption agency. Adoption through an agency is a safe, legal way to give your child the opportunity of a bright future with a loving family that’s ready to parent.

Contact an adoption agency now to receive the necessary services and support today. For immediate assistance, you should call a 24-hour hotline, such as 1-800-ADOPTION.

Can I Leave My Baby at the Hospital If I Don’t Want Them?

The answer to this question depends on a few different factors. In every state, there are infant Safe Haven laws that protect women who decide to surrender their babies. But, is it a crime to leave a baby in the hospital? No.

Other aspects that vary depending on where you live include:

The purpose of Safe Haven laws is make sure that every struggling mother can relinquish her baby safely without having to resort to abandonment. Safe Haven laws where you can leave a baby at the hospital after birth also protect a woman from being charged with child endangerment or neglect when they surrender their baby.    

What Are Other Options Besides Leaving a Baby at the Hospital?   

Although it is possible to safely leave your baby at the hospital after birth, it’s not your only option. Whether you’re pregnant, have given birth or even brought your child home, you still have the option to create an adoption plan for your baby.

You might not believe you’re in a position to parent or have the right resources to care for a newborn. And, it may seem like leaving a baby at the hospital after birth is the best solution to this problem.

But, adoption will always be a journey you can pursue for your baby.

A reliable adoption agency will do everything they can to make the process as smooth as possible. When you work with an adoption agency, you: 

Connect with an adoption agency today to get more information about choosing adoption after giving birth instead of leaving your baby at the hospital.

For immediate answers, call 1-800-ADOPTION.  A birth parent specialist with guide you in the right direction of what’s best for you and your baby.

How Do I Put My Baby up for Adoption at the Hospital?

The process of giving your baby up for adoption at the hospital is similar to choosing adoption earlier in your pregnancy. It just moves along quicker. You will follow the three basic steps of the adoption process when you first decide that adoption is right for you.

Although every adoption process is unique, last-minute hospital adoptions usually consist of three steps:

Step 1: Choose Adoption

You should be 100% confident in your adoption decision before you leave your baby at the hospital after birth. There are a lot of emotions you may experience just in your hospital stay alone.

But, only you know what is best for you and your child, so no one can make this choice for you.

If you are ready to begin the next steps of adoption at the hospital, then you should contact an adoption agency today to move forward with your hospital adoption plan.

Step 2: Connect with an Adoption Agency to Find Your Baby’s Adoptive Parents

For this step, we recommend working with a national adoption agency that has decades of experience with last-minute hospital adoptions. When you work with a national adoption agency, you will have access to a wide range of adoption services.

Also, working with an adoption professional that already has relationships with several hopeful adoptive families presents better adoption opportunities for your baby.

Once you find the perfect family, your birth parent specialist will set up a call so that you can talk to them (if you choose). If all goes well, then the adoptive family will immediately travel to you so that you can all complete the hospital adoption.

When you leave a baby at the hospital after birth, the process of finding a family for your baby may be delayed and more complicated.

Step 3: Finalize the Adoption at the Hospital and Adjust to Post-Placement Life

How the hospital adoption goes is completely up to you. Ahead of the adoptive parents’ arrival, you can speak with your birth parent specialist and create your adoption hospital plan to determine whether you want to meet the family in person or not.

If you need space and do not wish to see the adoptive family, then this is an option for you, too. But, when they arrive at the hospital and your state’s minimum waiting period has passed, you can grant your official consent to the adoption.

This process varies depending on what state you live in, but you’ll be signing away your parental rights and responsibilities to the adoptive parents. This can be a difficult time, but you are making an incredibly selfless decision to give your child the best life possible instead of leaving your baby at the hospital.

Maintaining some degree of openness after completing a hospital adoption can help build a relationship with your child and their adoptive family. You can all stay in touch in so many ways over the years through:

Finding a reputable adoption agency is crucial in completing all these steps with one professional. Once you connect with an adoption agency, you’ll work with a trustworthy, experienced birth parent specialist that will help you:


To better understand the benefits adoption can provide you and your baby, it may be helpful to hear it from the birth mother’s point of view. There are stories from birth mothers who talk about their experiences with similar situations to yours.

We understand that you’re going through a difficult, emotional time in your life. If you need immediate assistance, then you should call a 24-hour hotline, such as 1-800-ADOPTION, for free advice. A birth parent specialist can give you the support you need when you want to leave your baby at the hospital after birth.

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