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Is It Normal to Not Want a Child?

Parenthood is a beautiful journey, but it’s not always easy. There will be hard days that leave you emotionally exhausted.

There may also be days where you think you don’t want to be a parent anymore. But, help is always available for you. If you want to explore your parental options, then contact an adoption agency today and receive more free information now.

Is It Normal to Not Want a Child?

Yes. It is normal to not want children. Even if you have a child already and decide parenting is not right for you, there are a few options you can explore that can lead your child to opportunities for the best possible future.

Where to Send Your Child When You Do Not Want to Care for Them Anymore

You shouldn’t feel trapped if you decide parenting is not the right option for you after having a child. A few options you can consider when “I don’t want to be a parent anymore” are:

Each one of these options can help you focus on yourself as you handle this difficult time in your life. But, you may find that these options have their pros and cons. Learning about all three paths should help you figure out which one is best for not only you, but also for your child.

Private Adoption

When you choose adoption, you can give your baby an amazing life with a hopeful adoptive family that has been longing for a child. Even if you don’t want to be a parent anymore, you can still ensure your child grows up with a life of unconditional love and limitless opportunities.

If you are pregnant or parenting a newborn, infant or toddler, then you can rest easy knowing that adoption is always an option.

“Adoption has a stigma,” Casey, a birth mother, said. “You know, there’s that ignorance that you’re ‘giving up’ the children, when you do not ‘give up’ a human being. In reality, you’re choosing something for them. I know a lot of people try to hide it because they’re ashamed of it, and you shouldn’t be. You made a big and hard decision for what was best for your child, and you should be proud of that.”

When putting your child up for adoption, an adoption agency and adoption attorney will assist you throughout the adoption process. They can:

One of the greatest benefits of adoption is that you are in full control of your adoption process from start to finish. You can:

“I don’t regret the adoption because I know it’s what was supposed to happen,” Casey said. “I was supposed to raise [my children] for two years so they could be with their family now. If I didn’t, they would never have had the chance to be with their wonderful family and to have all the opportunities they have in their lives.”

Respite Foster Care

When you can’t cope with your child anymore, giving your child up to the state voluntarily isn’t an option. But, you can sometimes place them with the state through respite foster care.

Respite foster care is a temporary arrangement that can provide short-term relief to you. It is designed to offer support and assistance to people who need a break from the daily responsibilities of caring for their child. Respite care can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on your needs.

But, this option isn’t free and isn’t available in most states.

Temporary Legal Guardianship

Temporary legal guardianship gives you the time to work out finances or finish your education when you first believe you don’t want to be a parent anymore.

This is like respite foster care, but you would be placing your child with a family member or friend instead of with the state. Your close friend or family member will assume parental rights and responsibilities for a set period. This can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to six months.

Your child will then return under your care, and you can resume your role as a parent. But, this option can be disruptive to your child. So, you should choose this option only if you feel confident that you’ll be ready to parent at the end of the guardianship.

What Emotions Come with the Intense Thoughts of Not Wanting My Child Anymore?

It’s crucial to address the emotional aspect of giving a child up. Feelings of guilt, shame and grief can arise when you don’t want to be a parent anymore. It’s normal and OK to feel these emotions. Seeking support from a professional can be helpful in processing them.


If you don’t want to be a parent anymore, then there are options for you and your baby.

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