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Are There Parents Looking to Adopt a Newborn?

Putting your newborn up for adoption can be one of the most difficult decisions you make. But, it can be a decision that changes your baby’s life by giving them a brighter future.

Through adoption, your baby will thrive in a household with two loving adoptive parents. And you’ll always have a second set of people in your life who will love your child just as much as you do.

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Are There Parents Looking to Adopt a Newborn?

There are plenty of hopeful parents looking to adopt a newborn. But, national adoption agencies tend to have a broader range of adoptive families to choose from. These agencies work nationwide, giving you the best shot at finding the right family for your baby.

National adoption agencies also offer more comprehensive adoption services than other professionals. These services include:

Does Putting a Newborn up for Adoption Cost Money?

Putting your newborn up for adoption won’t cost you anything. Adoption is 100% free for you as the birth mother. In addition to free services and support, you can also receive financial assistance. This support will cover any adoption- and pregnancy-related expenses.

The amount of assistance you receive will depend on state laws and will generally cover expenses such as:

Your adoption professional will work with you to understand your situation and ensure you receive the maximum amount of assistance allowed.

What Kind of Parents Are Looking to Adopt a Newborn?

The parents looking to adopt a newborn can come from different walks of life. Each adoptive family is unique, and you’ll be able to choose the adoptive parents with the lifestyle you want your baby to have. Determining this will guide you toward the perfect match.

During the adoption planning stage, you’ll work closely with your birth parent specialist to determine the characteristics you hope to find in an adoptive family. You can specify your search by marital status, level of education, career and more. Every decision in the adoption process begins with you, including choosing the right family for your baby.

Birth mother Teka found that Sarah and Milton, her baby’s adoptive parents, became new extended family members to her.

“I felt as if I’d known Sarah all my life. We talked about my kids and she told me stuff about her family,” Teka said. “And she made me realize how much of a blessing I was. Knowing that made it easier on me and deep down, I know that Erin’s mom and dad will give her the life I couldn’t. I know that everything happens for a reason.”

Can You Put a Newborn Up for Adoption and Stay in Contact?

When you’re putting your newborn up for adoption, you can always stay in contact with them. Open adoption allows you to stay connected to your child, depending on your comfort level. You’ll be able to stay up-to-date on their biggest milestones and accomplishments.

According to American Adoptions, a licensed national adoption agency, if you’re not sure how much contact you want, then that’s OK, too. There is no set rule on how much interaction you’re supposed to have when pursuing adoption.

Typically, most modern adoptions consist of communication methods such as:

How to Give a Newborn Up for Adoption [5 Steps]

The process of putting your newborn up for adoption consists of five steps:

As you’re considering putting your newborn up for adoption, finding the best family for your baby is the top priority. Your decision will allow your baby to grow and flourish in the lifestyle you choose for them. Because of adoption, you can give your baby the future they deserve.

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