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Can I Surrender My Child to the State?

Surrendering your parental rights can seem scary. But, when you make this decision, you’re doing so out of love for your child. It doesn’t make you a bad parent; it means that you’re doing everything you can to give your child the best life possible.

Through adoption, you’ll be able to give your child a life of love and opportunity while knowing that they’ll always be supported by two loving parents. It’s a beautiful journey that will create a brighter future for yourself and your child.

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Can I Surrender My Child to the State?

The process for placing your child in state custody varies state by state. It’s highly encouraged to contact your local Department of Social Services or Department of Families and Children to find out which options are available in your area.

But, there are alternatives you can consider, such as adoption. Adoption allows you to choose a family you think will be best for your child. You’ll be able to stay up to date on their milestones and accomplishments while knowing they’re in a safe, loving environment.

How Do I Give My Child Away for Adoption?

When you want to give up your child for adoption, the process will vary depending on your situation. Your adoption agency will work with you to create a plan that fits your needs. You’ll also be able to control every aspect of the process.

This process consists of the following steps:

Many prospective birth mothers are afraid that they won’t be able to find a family for their baby. But, according to American Adoptions, a licensed national adoption agency, you’ll get to look at a customized list of adoptive family profiles based on what you’re looking for.

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When Can I Relinquish Parental Rights in Adoption?

There are strict laws on when you can surrender your parental rights in adoption. But, in most cases, you will have to wait until after your child is born. If your child is older, then there may be a waiting period until you can sign your consent for adoption.

Choosing adoption means you’re voluntarily terminating your parental rights, and it’s 100% your choice. You call all the shots throughout the adoption, and your birth parent specialist will be there to ensure you’re supported every step of the way.

Here are some things that can help when you’re thinking about surrendering your parental rights through adoption:

I Want to Give My Child up for Adoption; How Much Does It Cost?

Placing your child for adoption will always be free. With the support of a licensed adoption agency, you can go through the process without any extra financial stressors. You’ll also be eligible for adoption financial assistance.

The financial assistance you can receive will vary depending on your situation and state of residence, as this support is court-mandated. The financial support can help cover living expenses like rent, utilities, groceries, legal fees and more.

Birth mother Sara was grateful for the financial assistance she received, as it helped her focus on more important parts of the process and relieved any stress she had. 

“It really made a huge difference in my life and made the process less stressful,” she said. “I was extremely grateful that everything was taken care of, and I can’t imagine going through the process without the financial support I received; having help was critical in me being able to do it stress-free.”

How Can I Begin the Process of Surrendering My Parental Rights in Adoption?

One of the first things you’ll do is contact an adoption agency. From there, they’ll connect you with a trusted birth parent specialist. They’ll help you create an adoption plan, receive financial assistance, choose an adoptive family and much more.

Adoption isn’t an easy choice for you to make, but it can be a way to provide your child with a life of love and opportunity.

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