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Is It Free to Put a Child up for Adoption?

Putting your child up for adoption is a beautiful decision that can change your life and your child’s for the better. It’s a decision that will give your child the life they deserve.

You never have to go through this process alone. With the free services and support from an adoption agency, you will always be taken care of.

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Is It Free to Put a Child up for Adoption?

Yes, putting your child up for adoption is 100% free. You will never have to pay for adoption support and services. When you work with a reliable adoption agency, financial assistance is also available to cover any pregnancy- and adoption-related expenses.

The support you receive will depend on state adoption laws, as it is court-mandated. Your birth parent specialist will work with you to determine your needs and ensure you receive the maximum amount allowed. But, no matter your situation, adoption is free for birth mothers.

What Costs Are Covered When I Put My Child up for Adoption?

All your adoption-related and medical expenses are covered when you put your child up for adoption. The free support from a licensed adoption agency will help you take control of your situation, letting you focus on the important aspects of the adoption process.

Each state has its own laws about how much financial assistance you can receive, but, generally, you can receive financial help with expenses such as:

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Why Do Birth Mothers Choose Adoption?

There are many different reasons why a birth mother chooses to put her child up for adoption. One of the main reasons is to give them the life they deserve. Out of love, you’re making the brave decision to provide them with a safe and supported lifestyle.

Below are three common reasons why birth mothers choose adoption:

1. They’re not financially ready to raise a child.

An unplanned pregnancy can be expensive. Recognizing that you can’t financially provide for your child is one of the most selfless things you can do. When you choose adoption, you’ll never have to worry about the cost. Instead, you can focus on finding the best family for your child through free adoption services and support.

Birth mother Cori knew that she couldn’t financially provide for her babies. After weighing her options, she decided that adoption was the best choice she could make.

“The bills kept adding up, and the mere thought of taking on another child was so daunting and overwhelming that it kept me awake and pacing the floors on a nightly basis,” Cori said. “It has been hard, it will continue to be hard, but every day, when I wake up, I know that he will be OK and he will spend his days in the arms of his loving parents.”

2. They’re already parenting and are unable to raise another child

Some women who put their child up for adoption are already raising children. They may feel that parenting another child would put too much emotional, physical and financial strain on themselves and their children. Whatever the reason may be, adoption lets you control your situation to create the lifestyle you desire.

For birth mother Rosa, the thought of parenting two children was overwhelming. Although the decision was hard, she knew it was the best thing she could have done for her babies.

“I didn’t have emotional, financial, or physical support to have a second baby,” Rosa said. “It was the hardest decision in my life. But, I couldn’t give this baby what she deserves, and I knew for sure she was going to a loving home. It is not hard to know what is best; it is just hard to overcome all of the emotions involved.”

3. They want their child to have two loving parents.

One of the most common reasons women choose to put their child up for adoption is the desire to provide their child with a two-parent home. They may have grown up in a two-parent home and want the same for their child. Through adoption, you can choose a family with the lifestyle you desire.

There are thousands of waiting adoptive families out there, and you can filter your search by demographics. When you put your child up for adoption, they’ll be able to thrive in a household with two loving adoptive parents.

No matter your situation, you will always have the option to put your child up for adoption.

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